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Posted by Encora on Aug 31, 2020 3:01:07 PM
To compete and win companies must be prepared to expand rapidly, taking strategic advantage of new technologies and emerging data resources.

Topics: IAM & Cybersecurity

Industry Context

To compete and win, companies must be prepared to expand rapidly, taking strategic advantage of new technologies and emerging data resources. Systems integrations are increasingly a source of competitive differentiation, enabling the transfer and utilization of realtime information between and across platforms.


Client Challenge

Encora’s client provides realtime data services for businesses. Its wide array of data integrations represent a significant strategic advantage, but had over time also introduced unwelcome latency into order processing. Slow response times and a cumbersome mobile experience were taking a toll on the end-client experience.


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Encora helped the client rearchitect and streamline its data services, highlighting the strategic assets and addressing gaps in the customer experience.

  • Envision: Strategic Positioning services formalized the company’s sources of structural advantage, as an input into the innovation roadmap. Customer Journey mapping outlined the flow of cross-channel touchpoints in the targeted customer experiences, and prioritized gaps to be addressed.
  • Enable: Cloud Enablement services moved core platforms to the public cloud. Platform Modernization services re-envisioned the client’s platform as a mobile-first product. Product Support optimized the efficiency of data transfer services between the client and external data sources, focusing on speed of end-to-end order flow.
  • Engineer: Product Engineering & Development services built new application on a cutting-edge technical stack. Dev Ops & Continuous Engineering provided process and infrastructure support to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Engage: User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) and Mobility Services were used to redesign the digital experience, optimizing for app and mobile web experiences.  Data Science & Analytics services provided reporting and targeted visibility into the drivers of performance.


The new client-friendly website and mobile application greatly enhanced the digital user experience. Optimizations to underlying data connectivity delivered improvements to processing speed and end-user experience, while also laying the foundation for robust management information systems.


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