Why should customers choose and prefer your business over your competitors? What aspects of your product and service offerings your customers value the most? What are your structural advantages that separate you from your competitors? Encora can define the unique value proposition of your services and products, to serve as the basis for a successful go-to-market strategy.

Use Cases

  • Market analysis
  • Target customer needs analysis
  • Product SWOT analysis
  • Strategic Positioning advisory services

Meet Our Experts

Rodrigo Vargas

"In a crowded marketplace, the value proposition and how customers interact with a brand, product or service is key to success. Encora leverages technology, best practices and expertise to engineer products that better interact with the end-consumers and help our clients uncover new insights & value-propositions, while simultaneously assisting our clients to differentiate their offerings from competitors, and guaranteeing long-term customer engagement and success."
Rodrigo Vargas

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