Today’s world of continuous change demands that we deliver more on shorter time horizons, and flexibly adapt to realtime changes in the competitive landscape. Our agile DevOps and Continuous Engineering services shorten development cycles, increase deployment frequencies, and deliver robust, dependable releases to improve your application’s time to market, visibility, and growth.


Use Cases

  • Infrastructure support & augmentation

  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Server maintenance

  • Product maintenance

  • Release management and automation




Meet Our Experts

Durga Dasan

"DevOps for our delivery practice is not just automation, it is an investment that teams at ENCORA make at an early stage. ENCORA employs the DevOps practice to utilize infrastructure effectively, automate activities, and reduce cost of quality. Earlier adoption helps us scale deliveries to higher deployment/change frequency, increase mobility of workload with zero downtime while keeping the failure rate in check. Our delivery practices transfer the benefit of DevOps initiatives to our customers providing value for investment"
Durga Dasan

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