Nearly every organization can report on its data but relatively few have the expertise to distill meaningful insights from it. True analysis requires a nuanced understanding of both the underlying data as well as the full range of modern statistical tools and methods. Our Data Science & Analytics services unlock the power of your data, creating data-driven insights and tools to drive your business’s growth strategy.


Use Cases

  • Predictive Models

  • Propensity scores and algorithms 

  • Product recommendation engines

  • Segmentation

  • Analysis of non-traditional data



Meet Our Experts

Saravana Kumar Rajiah

"We at Encora understand that business insights can be hidden in multitude of sources ranging from Cross Functional Data, IoT Telemetry, Website Analytics, Log Metrics, Social Media Mining etc.,. We partner with our customers to create robust data pipelines, data models & semantics and help them unearth valuable insights. We firmly believe robust Data Engineering and DataOps are the foundational pillars to operationalize AI based solutions."
Saravana Kumar Rajiah

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