UI/UX as a Service (UI/UXaaS)

Gain specialized design expertise, save time and resources, and create engaging user-centric interfaces

What is UI/UXaaS?

Enhance customer satisfaction with our specialized UI/UX as a Service expertise, delivering intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. Our service-based model, powered by experienced designers, crafts tailored solutions through collaboration. Applying best practices, user research, and iterative development, we ensure seamless and engaging user experiences.

The key differentiating factor between traditional UI/UX Services and UI/UXaaS lies in the pricing model. With UI/UXaaS, a fixed unit price is determined based on the number of cases rather than the personnel employed. This innovative approach perfectly scales to meet the diverse needs of any organization.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Explore our proven expertise and ability to deliver results through a diverse range of testimonials spanning across industries and unique requirements.

1 800 flowers

"At 1800Flowers we have built our business on delivering smiles. Our partnership with Encora has helped us delivery many more by innovating quickly and creating exceptional digital experiences for all our customers."

Arnie Leap



"We are particularly proud of the work carried out by Encora in Analytics, Machine Learning & Deep Learning capability. We look forward to a continued partnership."

Imtiyaz Haque



"Our experience with Daitan (an Encora company) team has been nothing short of outstanding. The management team is customer focused, while the development teams is passionate in their work and a pleasure to work with. We are delighted to have such a good partner."

testimonial viboon
Viboon Chaojirapant,


UI/UXaaS Client Success Stories

Discover how we translate strategic innovation into differentiated capabilities and accelerate bottom-line impacts for fast-growing enterprises and digitally-native companies.

Real Estate Listing Services.


Improve the digital experience for home-buyers and brokers.


Provide additional features to the website that made more strategic use of the company’s data assets, and delivered an enhanced digital experience.






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Floral eCommerce Company


Data fragmentation and associated analytical challenges, slower site performance, and a corresponding erosion of customer experience.


User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) services designed and delivered a superior “Smile Reminder” experience, strengthening customer relationships with the brand.






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Travel loyalty and ecommerce solutions


Redesign core offerings to better service and scale with increasing demand, reducing administrative demands and internal inefficiencies.


Replaced manual testing efforts with tools to speed and enhance the quality of quality testing.



Onboarding time



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UI/UXaaS Resources

Looking to expand knowledge, delve deeper into subjects, or embark on a new learning journey? Immerse in our meticulously curated resources, crafted by top industry professionals, and unveil new business alternatives.

Keys to Digital Commerce Success.-

Keys to Digital Commerce Success

Encora's Innovation Leaders Share Insights on the Keys to Digital Commerce Success.

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Building a Great Customer Experience for Todays Digital Business

Building a Great Customer Experience for Today's Digital Business Starts with People and Leads to Better Outcomes

Digital Business starts with people, and it follows with developing the right engagement that delivers a delightful experience, in order for the desired business outcome to be reached.

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Accelerate Your Growth with the Right User Experience

Accelerate Your Growth with the Right User Experience

Our team of UX Researchers is constantly analyzing trends in a variety of industries to identify patterns and market insights that will help you make data-driven decisions.

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