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The US Real Estate industry has long relied on home listings provided through multiple listing services (MLS).

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Industry Context

The US Real Estate industry has long relied on home listings provided through multiple listing services (MLS). Over the last 10+ years, a competitive digital MLS market has evolved, with providers introducing enhanced data services designed to improve the buyer and broker experiences. Competition among MLS providers has led to the augmentation of home listing information, including property history, public school rankings, point of interests, neighborhood profiles, market statistics, and future home value projections. These data services, combined with digital experience, elevate consumer expectations and heighten competition within the Real Estate market. 


Client Challenge

Movoto is an online real estate agency that strives to make real estate simple. Over time the volume of property-related data had proliferated, and Movoto recognized the need to streamline its core data assets. The strategic initiative had two primary objectives: first, to quickly distill analytical insights for management; and second, to improve the digital experience for home-buyers and brokers.



Encora partnered with Movoto to redesign its approach to data management, from collection to storage, usage in the digital experience and management’s analysis of ongoing performance.

  • Envision: Innovation Ideation services mapped out Movoto's information strategy, defining the ways in which data and the innovation can power sustained, long-term growth
  • Enable: Platform Modernization services established a new data architecture and supporting data services.
  • Engineer: DevOps and Continuous Engineering services translated the innovation roadmap into the new core capabilities required to bring the information strategy to life. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning services delivered a propensity-based recommendations engine to help buyers more quickly find the right home.
  • Engage: User Interface & User Experience services were used to provide additional features to the website that made more strategic use of the company’s data assets, and delivered an enhanced digital experience. In addition, Big Data, Data Science & Analytics services helped Movoto’s management team to distill insights and make better decisions using realtime performance data.


Movoto’s website now delivers a superior customer experience and a steady stream of realtime data that powers management decision-making. These new capabilities have accelerated Movoto’s growth as a leader in the B2C real estate market.

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