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Our Partnership with Microsoft Azure 

Scale Confidently and Gain Budget Efficiencies With Disruptive Cloud-Based Solutions 

Encora’s engineering, service delivery excellence, and AI services expertise, coupled with Microsoft Azure, helps technology-driven, innovative, and fast-growing companies develop and future-proof their Cloud infrastructures, build composable applications, leverage a microservices architecture, and use a modern data stack (MDS). Encora is an early adopter of Microsoft Azure with strategic and in-depth expertise in cloud migration, cloud data and analytics, native cloud development, cloud security, and DevSecOps.

Encora capitalizes on newer and disruptive technologies and best-in-class software engineering best practices/trends, to provide better end-customer value and outcomes through Microsoft Azure. The Encora and Microsoft Azure partnership has proven results for improved mission-critical digital products and customer experience, as well as an accelerated time-to-market and time-to-revenue.

Additionally, Encora’s expertise in Cloud Cost Modelling — detailed inventory of cloud components and anticipated monthly cloud costs, projected savings, and time to realize ROI — and Financial Optimization (FinOps) — cloud infrastructure right-sizing to help take control of cloud costs — are pivotal for the maximization of Microsoft Azure resources and capabilities.

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Encora shares perspectives on emerging insights, challenges, and trends in cloud services and digital innovation

Our AWS Innovation Leaders

Our team of innovation leaders provides the expertise and skills needed to successfully address our clients’ most difficult challenges and achieve the desired business outcomes

Providing Expertise on the Following Technologies:

If you want to excel at operational efficiency, innovation, cost savings or all the above, Encora's team of certified Azure experts will help you gather the full power of Azure to work faster and smarter. Our experience migrating enterprise applications to Microsoft AKS and databases to Azure SQL Database is unrivaled, and our cloud consulting & engineering services deliver the scalability, security, and agility to support your journey to the cloud and your enterprise digital transformation.

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90-minute workshops led by our innovation leads and experts on Azure

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About Encora

Encora partners with fast-growing tech companies that are driving innovation and growth within their industries.

Our experts help businesses understand and evaluate the various cloud options available and guide them through the process of moving part of or all of their operations to the cloud.


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