Application & Product Maintenance Services

Success doesn't stop at deployment. Discover the best practices and tools on how to maintain growth and efficiency.

What are Application & Product Maintenance Services?

After a successful deployment, a project requires maintenance. Application or product maintenance refers to ongoing activities and processes that ensure a smooth operation, reliability, and longevity of a product throughout its lifecycle. It encompasses addressing and resolving issues, identifying problems, updating, and modifying accordingly.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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"As a global organization with a depth of technical talent, Encora has assisted SCM in reducing overall IT operating costs while accelerating our ability to meet our business objectives."

Mike Ackroyd
Mike Ackroyd

Senior VP of Information Technology


"We selected Encora as our primary innovation partner because of their breadth of experience, depth of expertise, and consistent quality of service delivered by the team from their offshore center in the Philippines. Encora has been an integral part of our development and production support strategy."

Joe Butler

Chief Information Officer

Cision logo

"Encora is a great and valued partner with Cision. They are helpful in all phases of our partnership, from locating and onboarding engineers to project management assistance. We have engineers that have been part of our teams for years, which is a testament to their talent and quality of work."

Matt Livingston
Matt Livingston

Director of Engineering

Application & Product Maintenance Success Stories

Discover how we translate strategic innovation into differentiated capabilities and accelerate bottom-line impacts for fast-growing enterprises and digitally-native companies.

LendTech Platform


Deliver product enhancements at the speed of market demands.


Establish a new environment for development and product hosting.






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Digital Payment Solutions Provider


Address bugs introduced by new feature releases, avoid the delay of revenue, and the erosion of customer trust.


Support the joint Encora-client team in actively managing the product development roadmap, prioritizing new features for next-gen products that will drive future growth.





Features Delivered

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Shipping & Logistics Player


Handle incidents that were hindering operational efficiency and slowing response time to incident resolution and also delivery speed.


Support the client’s Transport, Warehouse Management, and Billing functions, replacing manual issue handling with intelligent automation.






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