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New and growing technologies are changing the world at an increasingly rapid rate and rendering recent or current technology obsolete. Adopting new technologies is critical for any company’s success; running a business on a legacy system is no longer a tenable option for a company that wants to compete, grow and achieve. Encora’s High-Tech Software Development Services are the key for a company that wants to succeed. 

These services help companies change their business operations by taking advantage of new technologies not just to automate but transform their business processes and culture to become more effective and successful. Companies can tailor their approach with infrastructure, software engineering, UI/UX, and innovative technology practices from Encora.

Our High Tech Software Services

1. Enable Infrastructure

With Encora’s skill in cloud computing, they can assist any company on its cloud journey! Leverage cloud enablement with everything from cloud architecture and implementation to on-demand SaaS product engineering. Modernize legacy platforms with legacy application re-engineering, cloud migration for on-premise applications, and mobile-first product design. 

Take advantage of Big Data with data architecture and data pipelines and integration. And companies can optimize their operations with a custom-designed data repository to organize data assets. Use data pipeline management (DPM) to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources with ETL processes, Realtime services, and secure data transmission. 

2. Software Engineering

Encora’s expertise in best-in-class agile practices accelerates companies’ product development and deployment. Take advantage of their product engineering and development experience with their proprietary approach to software development. Encora knows a product is only as good as its testing and combines leading QA frameworks with test automation to produce quality products every time. 

High-tech software development wouldn’t be complete without harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Companies can work with model training and creation, neural network models, derivative intelligence, and decision enactment services to support their strategic vision. 

Encora continues to lead the charge to better, high-tech software development through DevOps and continuous engineering. These practices support a faster turnaround on robust deliverables. Companies can leverage Encora’s infrastructure support and augmentation, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and product maintenance to decrease delivery time and produce dependable products. 

3. Engage the Market

Encora is an expert at designing successful user experiences through its skill in UI/UX. Companies can leverage this superior customer experience with mobile design solutions. Take advantage of data assets with Encora’s data science and analytics. And with its experience in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), Encora can help companies engage customers and employees in new, exciting ways. Digital learning can be used to continuously upskill a company’s team, which only increases their ability to help customers and the business successfully.

4. Technology Practices

Encora is a network of technological innovators constantly applying their expertise to developing disciplines, tools, and technologies. One field where Encora is always working in is Cybersecurity. Encora utilizes various tools to support their customer’s digital security, including:


  1. Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)
  2. User and Entity Behavioral Analytics 
  3. Blockchain and Hashgrap
  4. Data and application security
  5. Storage and database security
  6. Monitoring and Log Analytics
  7. Privacy Enhancing Computation (Differential Privacy, SMPH, Homomorphic encryption)


Clients and Testimonials

Mike Cohen, CTO, TeleTracking

“At TeleTracking, we ensure that no patient waits for the care they need. Encora has been a great partner in helping us deliver on this promise. They have been there early on and not only provide the technical expertise we require, they deeply understand our domain. As we grow, we look for them to continue helping execute on our platform strategy.”


Arnie Leap-CIO, 1800Flowers

“At 1800Flowers, we have built our business on delivering smiles. Our partnership with Encora has helped us deliver many more by innovating quickly and creating exceptional digital experiences for all our customers.”


Mike Ackroyd- SVP Information Technology, SCM Insurance Services

“As a global organization with a depth of technical talent, Encora has assisted SCM in reducing overall IT operating costs while accelerating our ability to meet our business objectives.”


Why Choose Encora for High-Tech Software Development

Encora is highly skilled in high-tech software development and meeting a company where they are at and designing easy-to-implement and workable solutions that will improve that company’s work immediately. Whether a company wants to modernize its platform, needs to update its test automation, or wants a cyber security upgrade, Encora’s ability to assess the most pertinent needs of a company is exceeded only by its ability to provide cutting-edge solutions. 

With its broad offering of high-tech software development services and depth of expertise in each area, the modern company will find the technical skill sets and support they need with Encora. And, Encora is working in fourteen countries, making them a global leader in high-tech software development. Encora has demonstrated its skills time and time again with twenty-eight Fortune 1000 clients. To ask questions or get started today, please reach out to Encora. 

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