A well-articulated Innovation Roadmap guides and prioritizes the creation of your company’s new sources of competitive advantage. This roadmap translates your Strategic Positioning into tangible capabilities, prioritized by strategic value and sequenced through product engineering best practices. The Innovation Roadmap constantly evolves and adapts according to the changes in your overall strategy.


Use Cases

  • Ideation workshops
  • Feature definition & requirements
  • Frameworks and POCs
  • Innovation Roadmap creation

Meet Our Experts

Liliana Reina

"Encora focuses on a customer-centric approach while planning a product's roadmap. This ensures that incremental value gets created at every step and we learn early from customers' feedback. Making the end-user the center of all conversations not only helps build trust and loyalty with the customer, but also accelerates innovation, ensures alignment between product strategy & business strategy, and helps prioritize within the roadmap.At Encora, we're passionate about building long-term relationships with our clients that allow us to jointly deliver value to the end-user."
Liliana Reina

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