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Posted by Encora on Aug 31, 2020 3:34:39 PM
Advancements in Cloud applications, Data Science and UI/UX are highlighting the need of digitally-native companies to upgrade their Digital Commerce capabilities, from the presentation layer back through the application and data layers.

Topics: Product Engineering & Development, AI & Machine Learning, Cloud Services, Retail & CPG, Data & Analytics

Industry Context

The post-pandemic landscape, poses an escalating demand for digitally-native e-commerce platforms. E-commerce pioneers are consistently grappling with the limitations of earlier outdated Digital Commerce architectures. Thus Advancements in Cloud applications, Data Science, and UI/UX are highlighting the need of digitally-native companies to upgrade​. Mastery of leading-edge technologies is now required to compete and win in this increasingly digital market​. The pivotal client challenge lies in the imperative need to swiftly and effectively integrate AI and machine learning capabilities to create personalized and engaging customer experiences.

Client Challenge

The client's core customer engagement feature, “Smile Reminder,” was built on a separate, outdated architecture​, leading to compatibility and scalability issues. Data fragmentation posed challenges for seamless data analysis and utilization. The slower site performance​ was leading to user frustration. As a overall result, there was a challenge with suboptimal customer experience, potentially impacting customer satisfaction and retention.


The joint client-Encora team holistically redesigned the “Smile Reminder” platform, enhancing its effectiveness as a driver of loyalty and long-term customer engagement.

  • Strategic Positioning services identified an ownable space that could drive growth and separation from competitors. 
  • Customer Journey services design the targeted customer experience, integrating the “Smile Reminder” into the broader digital experience. 
  • Platform Modernization services were deployed to migrate the “Smile Reminder” functionality into a more modern architecture.  This had the benefit of integrating the operational data, as an input into real-time analytics, and dramatically improving site performance and customer experience. 
  • Product Engineering & Development services reconceived the overall architecture and used an agile approach to deliver all new product features spanning the presentation, application, and data layers.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning services were deployed to personalize the digital experience based on the combination of observed and simulated behavioral data.
  • UI/UX Services services to design and deliver a superior “Smile Reminder” experience, strengthening customer relationships with the brand.
  • Data & Analytics services were used to deploy an integrated data warehouse that provides decision-makers with realtime visibility into performance.


Designed and built a Magento 2 architecture that can exponentially scale online volume and improve speed to market for new B2B partners. The new “Smile Reminder” module dramatically improved the customer experience, with faster site performance as well as enhanced feature functionality. In addition to stronger engagement with customers, the new capabilities established a platform supporting realtime analysis and decision-making to drive performance over time.

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