Credit Union Insurance Provider: Transforming and Automating the Underwriting Process

Case Study

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Credit Union Insurance Provider:

Credit Union Insurance Provider:

Transforming and Automating the Underwriting Process

Industry: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Delivery Center: India, USA

Automated Underwriting with Appian - Industry Context

Industry Context

Insurance companies often face challenges with manual processes and outdated technologies. Repetitive procedures like processing extensive data on various types of risks can take up more than 50% of an underwriter's workday. Cumbersome manual processes lead to higher costs, longer turnaround times, increased errors, and inconsistency. Because the insurance industry competes heavily on cost, inefficient processes can be major threats to an insurance provider’s long-term viability. Consequently, insurers are under pressure to modernize their operations to stay competitive and meet client needs.

Automated Underwriting with Appian - Client Challenge

Client Challenge

The client is a leading provider of insurance services to approximately 380 credit unions with a total of more than five million members in the Canada Credit Union System. It offers business, liability, and property insurance to credit unions. The client relied on outdated underwriting technologies, which led to time-consuming manual processes. Extensive manual processes with siloed and inaccessible data contributed to low productivity, high operating costs, long turnaround times, frequent quality issues, and high customer attrition. Identifying the need to meet evolving customer expectations and perform accurate risk assessments, the client approached Encora for underwriting automation. They intended to replace the outdated underwriting system with a system that would provide the accuracy and flexibility needed to make profitable portfolio decisions.


Encora chose Appian for the client's underwriting automation due to its robust low-code capabilities. Appian's visual development environment enables rapid creation of custom automations through intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, minimizing the need for extensive coding. The new platform enabled the creation of customized workflows and business rules tailored to the insurance industry while providing important process standardization. Appian's flexibility and scalability also ensured seamless integration with existing systems, facilitating a smooth transition and ongoing adaptability. Services provided by Encora were: 


Product Management: Evaluated the existing system and created a product roadmap for automating and improving the underwriting process. 


Product Development: Architected and developed an Appian-based low code applications infrastructure to facilitate process automation. 


Data Analytics, Visualization, and BI: Implemented data capture and validation from internal and external sources to evaluate risks with greater speed and accuracy. 


CX Transformation: The optimized underwriting process reduced decision turnaround time and provided customers with better visibility into the process. 


Application & Product Maintenance: Product support and maintenance to ensure stability and ongoing functionality. 


DevSecOps Strategy & Planning: Improved collaboration, faster and reliable deployments with Appian’s Native Deployment Manager. 

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Encora's implementation of Appian for the client's underwriting automation led to significant improvements in operational efficiency and accuracy. By automating repetitive tasks, the case processing cycle became faster, reducing errors and inconsistencies in underwriting. Some notable benefits of Encora’s solution are: 

  • The streamlined process enhanced efficiency and ensured compliance with regulatory and internal policies, increasing the percentage of outstanding tasks reviewed within SLA from 62% to 90%. 
  • Improved customer experience with immediate coverage at lower prices and standardized underwriting decisions to comply with regulatory requirements. 
  • Freed underwriters to focus on higher-value projects by reducing operational costs and errors with automated processes. 
  • Improved collaboration and reliable deployments with Appian’s Native Deployment Manager.  

Case Review Time

Case Review Time

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time