Legacy products too often demand ongoing care and maintenance from the same resources that would otherwise be driving innovation and growth. We offer Level 1 support responsibilities for your legacy applications, providing full visibility through quality metrics and service level agreements. We improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and free up your resources to focus on strategic growth.


Use Cases

  • Full cycle incident management

  • SLA management

  • Business continuity

  • Product availability

  • Change / release management

  • Product maintenance


Meet Our Experts

Isac Souza

"Product support for digital products is challenging, yet critical to its success. Encora leverages best practices for monitoring, observability, analysis, and automation to reduce the chances of failures. Our practices and techniques increases the confidence in the monitoring system and reduces the Mean Time to Recovery of incidents. We go deep on Root Cause Analysis to make sure problems are understood and fixed, preventing their recurrence."
Isac Souza

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