Posted by Encora on Aug 20, 2021 4:40:12 PM
Encora’s methodology enabled the company’s move into a new high-growth market and business model.

Topics: Telecom

Industry Context

Within telecommunications new monetization models are emerging compete with and potentially replace traditional models. Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) companies are proliferating and growing fast, offering easy development options and new embedded features, redefining communications and possibilities of enterprise collaboration.

Situation bandwidth

Client Challenge

Bandwidth is a telecommunications company that sells software solutions for voice and messaging, using a proprietary IP voice network. Looking for a strategic opportunity to enter the high-potential CPaaS space, Bandwidth sought to launch a new CPaaS platform and evolve their offering quickly, without disrupting their legacy business. They needed to close their skill and capability gaps while staying in line with emerging insights and a competitive landscape.

Client Challange bandwidth

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  • Envision: Strategic Positioning and Product Roadmapping helped design the core offering based on insights about the evolving competitive landscape
  • Enable: Platform Modernization architected a secure and scalable platform, as well as microservices that enabled legacy components to be part of a decoupled, modern architecture. Cloud Enablement services subsequently migrated from public to private cloud
  • Engineer: Product Engineering & Development services designed and implemented POC and MVP with an innovation-driven, experimentation mindset, iterating often based on new insights. DevOps & Continuous Engineering services optimized the CI pipeline and security policies for a mature DevOps environment. High code coverage and extensive usage of Test Automation in several layers to guarantee performance and quality
  • Engage: Data Science & Analytics services deployed disciplined and monitoring systems to support DevOps feedback loop


Encora’s methodology enabled the company’s move into a new high-growth market and business model. The new, highly secure and scalable platform, along with a more mature DevOps model, allowed for zero downtime deployments and an accelerated time-to-market, earning Bandwidth the reputation for excellent service quality.

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