As products mature, it is critical for the business to be ready to maintain customer engagement through a combination of feature enhancements, product migrations, and new product launches. We provide expert guidance in the creation of a product lifecycle management strategy, ensuring that your products establish an unshakeable foundation for long-term customer relationships.


Use Cases

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Product enhancement strategy

  • Product retirement planning


Meet Our Experts

Erick Vargas

"A successful digital product requires a thoughtful & well-tuned on-going strategy for ideating, planning, developing, and managing over the course of the product’s lifecycle. When done right, these products deliver exceptional customer experience, and simultaneously, are easy to develop and maintain. Encora engages all necessary customer stakeholders to define the product plan & roadmap necessary for engineering & managing successful products, bringing together its experience in business processes, product design, software delivery, and technology strategy, to make ideas come to life, as well take existing products to the next level to drive growth hand in hand with superior customer experience."
Erick Vargas

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