To help you stay current with the rapidly evolving technology, we leverage our custom re-engineering framework to upgrade your legacy applications, products, and platform. We modernize the components of your legacy applications, products, and platforms without disrupting your day-to-day business functions.


Use Cases

  • Legacy application re-engineering

  • Cloud migration for on-premise applications

  • Microservice architecture conversion

  • Mobile-first product design




Meet Our Experts

Chinmay Mhaskar

"The pace of technological change is relentless and almost every technology eventually becomes outdated at some point. Encora has proven track record of continuously enabling our customers to modernize their platform and legacy application. We have helped our customers to improve their time to market, better utilize their infrastructure, migrate from on-premises to cloud, and modernize the product using latest technologies to cater to different devices and form factors. This has had significant benefits for our customers to retain and grow their end users."
Chinmay Mhaskar

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