Product Engineering & Development

Product Engineering & Development

Maximize productivity through Agile delivery methods.

Done right, product development can be one of your most sustainable sources of competitive advantage. Very often, businesses struggle to fund and manage software engineering teams that deliver on their strategic needs. Our proprietary approach to software development combines deep expertise with all phases of the product lifecycle, Agile process mastery, a tool-centric approach delivery, and metrics-driven governance. The result is higher innovation throughput at lower cost.

Product architecture design

Agile product development

Product deployment & support

Product testing (validation & verification)

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Test Automation

Test Automation

Streamline and enhance testing through automation.

Your software products are only as good as your testing. We combine leading QA frameworks (JMeter, LoadRunner, and Silk Performer) with test automation to ensure incident-free product launches and minimal post-production maintenance. This enables engineering teams to perform application validations across platforms, with greater effectiveness and in less time.

Performance & Load Testing

Usability Testing

Functional testing & API testing

Security & penetration testing

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have replaced traditional, hardcoded Boolean business logic with dynamic rules that evolve over time, at the micro-segment level. Our data science experts utilize a range of deep learning models that train virtual machines to deliver the optimal business rules for maximizing your business. As applications of machine learning and AI proliferate, the only limitation is strategic vision.

Model creation & training

Neural network models

Derivative intelligence

Decision enactment services

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 DevOps & Continuous Engineering

DevOps & Continuous Engineering

Unify development and operation to improve agility and respond in real time to shifting market demands.

Today’s world of continuous change demands that we deliver more on shorter time horizons, and flexibly adapt to realtime changes in the competitive landscape. Our agile DevOps and Continuous Engineering services shorten development cycles, increase deployment frequencies, and deliver robust, dependable releases to improve your application’s time to market, visibility, and growth.

Infrastructure support & augmentation

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Server maintenance

Product maintenance

Release management and automation

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Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Testing

Delivering Impact through Quality

It is said that fixing an issue after it has been deployed to production is 4x as expensive as addressing it prior to promotion. This underscores the critical importance of Quality Assurance (QA) Testing, designed to identify bugs and functionality gaps before they reach your user base. Encora’s QA Testing services ensure that your code base remains error-free, so that product engineers can focus on delivering the next big release rather than on fixing the last one.

Test Planning & Execution

Unit & Regression Testing

Accessibility Audits

Mobile Experience Testing

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