Deploy leading-edge technologies and tools to accelerate commercial success through rapid market adoption
User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

Design user experiences that drive engagement and adoption.

User experience makes or breaks customer engagement. If your products and platforms aren’t intuitive or easy to use, customers will disengage; conversely, seamless experiences will drive both engagement and market adoption. Our UI/UX services are rooted in a deep understanding of user needs and preferences, and designed to help you advance your brand experience, and drive growth within the market.

Experience Design Strategy

UX research and analysis

UI/UX re-engineering & migration

UI optimization

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Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Strengthen customer engagement through compelling mobile experiences.

Many organizations struggle to resolve the tension between the strategic mandate to deliver a ‘’mobile first” digital experience, and the challenging realities of underlying legacy platforms. We help you to conceive, design, and deliver mobile solutions that elevate your customer experience, taking full advantage of the latest mobile technologies, and accelerating your speed to market.

Mobility strategy definition

App design & development

App testing & optimization

Sensors management

Mobile accessibility

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Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics

Harness the full power of your data assets.

Nearly every organization can report on its data but relatively few have the expertise to distill meaningful insights from it. True analysis requires a nuanced understanding of both the underlying data as well as the full range of modern statistical tools and methods. Our Data Science & Analytics services unlock the power of your data, creating data-driven insights and tools to drive your business’s growth strategy.

Predictive models

Propensity scores and algorithms

Product recommendation engines


Analysis of non-traditional data

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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Revolutionize Your Business with AR/VR Technologies

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are creating new paradigms of engagement, from the ways we learn to how we interact with brands. Encora helps its clients make intelligent use of leading-edge AR and VR applications to create new sources of competitive advantage. AR and VR are now being applied across industries to reduce safety risk, augment worker productivity, increase customer engagement, and much more!

Digital Learning

Experiential Product Design

Virtual Services

Next-Gen Mobile Applications

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Digital Learning

Harness the power of Digital Learning tools and methods to boost employee performance.

Staying one step ahead of the competition requires you to continuously upskill your team. Encora has pioneered Digital Learning solutions to ensure that you are able to quickly and nimbly engage team members with the new content, learning and insights that are required to win in today’s economy.

Immersive learning

Self-paced learning

Collaborative learning

Learning apps

Learning Management System administrative services

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