Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement

Maximize value and optimize IT costs through Cloud-based solutions.

There is an ever-increasing demand for solutions delivered via the Cloud. We help design your Cloud architecture, selecting the right stack (e.g., AWS, Azure) to meet your future needs, and both migrating on-premise applications as well as developing Cloud-native applications. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we can help your business unleash the power of the cloud.

Cloud architecture & implementation

Cloud application development

Cloud migration

Cloud management, security and support

On-demand SaaS product engineering

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Platform Modernization

Platform Modernization

Unlock your growth potential by modernizing your core applications, products, and platforms.

To help you stay current with the rapidly evolving technology, we leverage our custom re-engineering framework to upgrade your legacy applications, products, and platform. We modernize the components of your legacy applications, products, and platforms without disrupting your day-to-day business functions.

Legacy application re-engineering

Cloud migration for on-premise applications

Microservice architecture conversion

Mobile-first product design

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Product Support

Product Support

Focus on your “growth” while we “run” your business.

Legacy products too often demand ongoing care and maintenance from the same resources that would otherwise be driving innovation and growth. We offer Level 1 support responsibilities for your legacy applications, providing full visibility through quality metrics and service level agreements. We improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and free up your resources to focus on strategic growth.

Full cycle incident management

SLA management

Business continuity

Product availability

Change / release management

Product maintenance

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Big Data

Big Data

Leverage Big Data to advance your business’s agility.

The proliferation of connected devices has caused an explosion of data that represents a wealth of untapped insight and potential advantage for businesses. The velocity, variability, and sheer scale of this “Big Data” places new demands on organizations that seek to profit from it. Our Big Data services help you to make strategic use of this “unstructured” data. Through faster and lower cost access to differentiating insights, we can more easily create competitive advantage.

Data architecture

Data pipelines & integration

Analysis of “unstructured” data

Realtime service-based decisioning

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Data Architecture

Data Architecture

Structure Your Data to Optimize Operations

Data repositories must be designed to reflect both the nature of the underlying data as well as the needs of the organization. Whether you need an Operational Data Store (ODS) optimized for speed, an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) optimized for storage efficiency, or a DataMart optimized for intuitive discovery analytics, Encora’s Data Architecture services help you organize your data assets to support optimal functionality in your business.

Structured Data Repositories

Unstructured (NOSQL) Environments

Traditional DBA Services

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Data Pipeline Management

Data Pipeline Management (DPM)

Enhance Core Functions through Data Integrations

Encora helps businesses seamlessly integrate data from an ever-widening array of sources, to enhance core functions and introduce new data-enabled features. Whether you are seeking to connect disparate host systems within your own tech stack, or to make use of realtime data from partners and external sources, Encora’s DPM services ensure that the job is done right.

ETL Processes

Realtime Services

Secure Data Transmission

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