Add Stand-Bot to your Slack workspace and keep everybody in sync!

Stand-Bot helps remote and distributed teams run asynchronous dailies inside a Slack channel and share updates on what they have being doing.


Stand-Bot - Slack stand-up bot for Jira features

  • Invite Stand-Bot to your Slack channels and configure the time and recurrence of your stand-up
  • Get notified when it’s stand-up time
  • Share the status on what you’ve done, what you’re working on, and if there are any blockers
  • Connect the bot to your Jira backlog so the team can report the issues they have been working on
  • Get an immediate report of the team’s status and their blockers
  • Keep the history of your stand-up reports in your Jira projects

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Key features of Stand-Bot - Slack stand-up bot for Jira

Get rich Stand-up Reports

Keep track of your team’s progress. See what everybody’s working on, what’s been completed, and if there’s any blockers, all inside Jira!

See What’s on your Plate in Jira

Get a quick view of all your assigned Jira tickets, so you can report what you’ve worked on and what you’ll be tackling.

See the history of your Stand-up Reports

Navigate through your past stand-up reports in Jira to get a more profound view of team members' performance and the project's progress.

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