Software testing is a time-consuming
and thankless task

With Avantest, team members can specify, automate, and oversee robust software testing plans including unit, regression, and user acceptance testing

AvanTest's test automation framework increases efficency as it can be applied
simultaneosly in multiple enviroments and allows you to run test cases
at the same time.

This essay scalability provides better coverage from end to end, generation results for your analysis, allowing a wider lens and, increased agility for desition making.


2 Environments


280 test / cases


3 weeks


3 or more engineers


6 Environments


1,800 test / cases + Defect verification + Explorative test


1 weeks


2 qualified engineers

Our objective is to ensure the quality of the product by leveraging existing
knowledge reducing repetitive functional testing.
This is what automation is about.



  • Simplified script maintenance.
  • Integration of automated test into a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Library of functions and ready-to-use validation/verification routines .
  • Compatibility with a variety of configuration management tools.
  • Wide range of supported client interfaces, including Web, TTY, desktop environments, mobile (native or hybrid), and APIs.
  • User-friendly UI.
  • More consistent and accurate testing results.
  • Increased testing speed and efficiency accelerates time to market.
  • Lowered cost of testing when running multiple tests across new builds.
  • Flexibility in the QA process, spanning browsers and operating systems with unified source code.

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