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We help you develop, execute, and profit from innovation in your industry. Our Services enable you to define your strategic innovation roadmap, build capabilities to keep pace with rapidly changing business environments, fast track your development process, and maximize market adoption.


New Experiences


Modern Capabilities


Agile Innovation


Market Adoption
  • Blockchain use cases (cryptocurrencies and smart contracts to govern complex transactions)
  • Product design for payment terminals of the future
  • Data integration with external sources of financial data
  • Infrastructure and capabilities to address PCI requirements
  • Payment processing terminal platforms (EMV L3 certification)
  • Payment terminal SDKs and applications
  • Machine learning to identify suspicious transactions, fraud and structuring in support of anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Voice and biometric authentication for enhanced security
  • Mobile application design, optimizing for intuitiveness and user engagement
  • New approaches to underwriting and risk management using a combination of first-, second-, third-party and open source data
  • Realtime terminal-based bank card applications
  • Promotional capabilities, targeting offers and incentives to users based on a combination of historical behaviors, profile information and Bayesian statistics