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Security and Authentication

The global pandemic has led to a surge in demand for digital payment solutions, causing 2020 to witness unprecedented growth in the financial services industry. These developments also bring new security challenges and risks that must be managed carefully.

What are the top cybersecurity challenges for the FinTech industry?
Is Blockchain the answer to fraud prevention and money laundering?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are changing the financial technology landscape, owing to their exceptional benefits like more efficient processes, improved financial analysis, and increased customer engagement through predictive models.

How is Machine Learning used in the finance sector?
How can FinTech benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

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Mobile and UI/UX

When it comes to FinTech, mobile applications should facilitate effortless engagement, seamless interactions, and real-time transactions.

How are FinTech applications different from other domain apps?
What new and evolving disciplines are becoming increasingly important in FinTech?

Product Development

Financial technologies are in a state of rapid evolution. New products are developed at an ever-increasing pace and innovations follow each other with accelerating speed.

How is FinTech transforming consumer expectations?
How can financial institutions stay innovative in a world of constant change?

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Will FinTech maintain its momentum post-pandemic?

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