AWS - Movoto Case Study

The US Real Estate industry has long relied on home listings provided through multiple listing services (MLS). Over the last 10+ years, a competitive digital MLS market has evolved, with providers introducing...

CR Industry

AWS - IAM & Cybersecurity

Travel & Tourism​ industry severely affected by COVID-19, taking customers out of business​Healthcare industry needed urgent solutions to restrict the virus circulation​Businesses in general needed a way to safely resume operations

RP Industry

AWS - RiskPro

With the rapid development of FinTech and WealthTech, the investment management industry has seen an increasing need for real-time data.

Alchemy Industry

AWS - Intertek Alchemy

The Manufacturing, Food, and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) industries have been significantly impacted by technological advancements.

HealthTech Cloud Migration Industry-Context

AWS - HealthTech Client

Significant growth in the Healthcare industry, bolstered by new technical capabilities and pandemic-induced requirements for remote case solutions, has demonstrated the need for mobile/wireless medical tech systems that can provide ‘anytime, anywhere’ services...

FT Challenge

AWS - HealthTech Client

The implementation of digital technology solutions has become imperative for healthcare providers. Offering ways to connect remotely with patients is now essential to provide immediate, on-demand, and long-term healthcare...

VM Industry

AWS - HiTech Client

Application modernization platforms​ Hybrid-cloud and private cloud platforms​ Zero Trust security from endpoint to the cloud ​Digital workspaces and VDI​5G, RAN and edge cloud​....

CS Industry

AWS - HiTech Client

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are widely used across many industries to streamline product development processes, reduce costs, and improve collaboration....

TT Case Study

AWS - HiTech Client

Social networks are websites and apps that allow users and organizations to connect, communicate, share information, and form relationships. People can connect with others in the same area, families, friends, and those with the same interests.

EL Industry

AWS - HiTech Client

IT management as a service is an interesting offer for small and medium-sized companies that often don't have the budget to maintain a robust IT sector that meets the needs of the business...

DJ Industry

AWS - Business News anda Data Provider

The industry has experienced significant growth in recent years due to many factors, like the increasing complexity of regulations...

MB Industry

AWS - HealthTech client

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift toward remote care, which is expected to continue growing within the next few years...

EX Industry

AWS - HealthTech client

Healthcare is rapidly embracing modern technologies to enhance the quality of care, improving the experience for patients and care providers alike...

NO Case study

AWS - IAM & Cybersecurity Client

Applications rely increasingly on internet services to allow maximum optimization to their end-users, so resilient and scalable services for network traffic steering and management are evolving rapidly