DevOps Revolution for HealthTech client-Industry Context

HealthTech DevOps Revolution with AWS

Reducing Deployment Time by 50% and Increasing System Availability by 20%

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Technological Innovation of Milwaukee Tools with

Improving Deployment Frequency by 50% and Reducing Infrastructure Costs by 30%

AWS-powered DevOps Transformation-Industry Context

Smart Commerce's Retail Transformation with AWS

Reducing Build Time by 65% and Slashing Deployment Time by 80%

Industry Context-4

Price Smart's Cloud Transformation with AWS

Reducing Deployment Time by 40% and Cost Savings by 30%

Client Challenge-2

Token Ring's Authentication Revolution with AWS

Improving Application Performance by 50% and Cost Savings by 30%

Industry Context

LendKey’s Agile Transformation with AWS

Increasing Deployment Frequency by 200% and Reducing Infrastructure Costs by 30%

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Echo Global Logistics' Comprehensive Migration

The logistics and supply chain industry today faces numerous challenges, from meeting increasing demands to optimizing the delivery services.

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Real Estate Listing Services

Improving the digital experience for home-buyers and brokers with the AWS Cloud

RP Industry

Risk Management Solutions Provider

Translating fintech insights into actionable risk solutions with serverless computing

Alchemy Industry

Workforce Training and Development Company

Simplifying and standardizing the technology landscape to accelerate development

CR Industry

Secure Identity on the Go Company

Navigating pandemic challenges with AWS-centric solutions for health tech and travel

HealthTech Cloud Migration Industry-Context

EKG Solutions Company

Harnessing the power of AWS to transform mobile healthcare

FT Challenge

Cancer Therapeutics Company

Reshaping cancer therapeutics with AWS-powered digital advancements

VM Industry

Multicloud Services Company

Harnessing AWS power for next-level tech advancements and multi-cloud innovations

CS Industry

Customer-Centric Digital Solutions Company

Mastering PLM modernization with an AWS-integrated system for accelerated product development

TT Case Study

Sports Media Company

Spotlighting soccer stars with an AWS-powered digital platform for youth talent discovery

EL Industry

IT Management Solutions Consultant

Elevating legacy systems to modern AWS-powered architectures with IT-as-a-Service

DJ Industry

Business News and Data Provider​

Meeting regulatory demands of growing business news providers​ with AWS-powered infrastructure

MB Industry

Ketamine Therapeutics Company

Improving patient outcomes, security and compliance with AWS-enabled omnichannel communication

EX Industry

Urgent Care Software Company

Reimagining health tech with AWS-powered solutions for enhanced patient-centric care

NO Case study

DNS Services Company

Optimizing internet applications by harnessing AWS for resilient and scalable traffic steering

PS Industry

Digital Auto Auction Platform

Revolutionizing auto auctions with cloud-powered bidding and continuous deployment automation


Revolutionizing DevOps within a Risk Management Solutions Provider

With the rapid development of FinTech and WealthTech, the investment management industry has seen an increasing need for real-time data.

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Transforming DevOps within an Online Real Este Company

Reducing data retrieval lag and poor website response with AWS-powered insights