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Posted by Encora on Apr 4, 2023 2:40:43 PM
The Data Hub solution automated resource-intensive and complex tasks. This automation enabled the client to focus on exploring and analyzing their data for improved commercial strategy.

Topics: Digital Experience, Metaverse

Industry Context

To remain competitive, companies need a highly trained and competent workforce and offer customized end-to-end Virtual Reality (VR) solutions to both manufacturers and end customers. VR is a future digitization opportunity, allowing the use of computer-simulated technology to teach, learn, and educate road safety precautions. Companies are using VR simulators to create immersive learning opportunities for drivers and enable them to practice under immersive, simulated dangerous scenarios. Trainers can custom-fit training programs to fit driving infrastructure and realistic on-road situations. 

Driver Industry Context


A logistics company had a very detailed instructor-driven, blended induction program for its drivers. They approached Encora to redesign a portion of their program using the latest learning technologies to achieve the following business objectives: 

  • Modernize learning programs for the new-age drivers to increase the learning impact 
  • Provide a virtual, real-life experience of being a driver before going for a ride-along with their instructor 
  • Make virtual learning available as performance support 
Driver Challenge


Immersive experience by using 360 videos. 

User Interface & Interaction 

  • A device agnostic, clean, and intuitive UI was created 
  • The UI provided a seamless experience between VR devices and desktop 
  • Controllers and laser pointers were used to interact in the VR environment 

Device Compatibility 

  • Each module was shared as separate APK and EXE files 
  • The APK files were compatible with VIVE Pro, VIVE Pro Eye, and VIVE Focus Plus EXE files were provided for desktop deployment 

Tracking and Bookmarking 

  • The devices captured the following user data: module title, topic title, employee ID, and completion status 
  • The administrator was able to access and clear the user data by clicking a Report icon on the UI 
  • The Report was password protected to control access 
  • The Bookmarking feature enabled the learners to start again from where they exited 
Driver Solution


Encora was able to support our key client in their prestigious initiative to modernize their learning experience for the new-age learners. 

Using 360 videos ensured a more realistic experience of a ride-along for the drivers. 

The modules were less than 8 minutes long, which ensured learners’ focused attention and better managed VR-induced fatigue. 

The accessible solution provided almost the same learning experience through the desktop mode to the VR-sensitive learners. 

Driver Results