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Consider this your exclusive invitation to the future. As a leader who's always been at the forefront, the next frontier awaits you - the Metaverse. But, as you know, in business and life, it's not just about being part of the new but about conquering it

Development Services  


Metaverse Consulting

From concept to implementation, build your company for the new Metaverse world


Metaverse Applications

Design user-centered Metaverse applications with our Blockchain, AI, and VR/AR experts


Avatar Development

Enhance your Metaverse experience by creating and integrating customized three-dimensional (3D) avatars


3D Space Development

Create 3D immersive spaces with real-world instances in the digital world using advanced VR/AR and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies


Integration Services

Boost your Metaverse project with system integration consulting as well as end-to-end API, ecosystem, and tool integration


Non-Fungible Tokens Market Place

Build a user-centric and scalable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace to open new opportunities to buy, sell, or trade digital assets


Decentralized Applications

Design, develop, and test Blockchain-based applications using our comprehensive knowledge of Blockchain technology. And receive continuous training on Blockchain technology by our personnel!

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Case Studies

The Metaverse’s Presence across Industries



From training to remote services, a Metaverse platform can transform how HealthTech is provided



Get ahead of competing Blockchain-enabled decentralized payment and financial solutions


Digital Commerce

Reinvent your business’ shopping experience by bridging the gap between Digital Commerce and the in-store shopping experience



Create immersive and augmented learning experiences and virtual practice spaces for highly technical and complex skills!

Encora Insights

Encora shares perspectives on emerging insights, challenges, and trends across the industries in which we work

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Encora is a global software and digital engineering company that provides next-generation software services. Our experts work with leading-edge technology companies to improve their speed of impact.

At Encora, we make user-centric metaverse solutions to help you discover new business opportunities.

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