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Posted by Encora on Apr 4, 2023 3:31:48 PM
The Data Hub solution automated resource-intensive and complex tasks. This automation enabled the client to focus on exploring and analyzing their data for improved commercial strategy.

Topics: Digital Experience, Metaverse

Industry Context

Financial institutions invest in a more agile ATM architecture to increase customer loyalty and revenue where its solution is suitable for any ATM network size, supports different machine types, and offers comprehensive functionality with improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues. It enables customers to interact with the bank and perform most of the branch's activities using real-time communication and video, offer their customers personalized experience with enhanced data security, extend service and opening hours, and sales conversion at lower cost. 

ATM Industry Context


A global FinTech company approached Encora to help them improve the efficiency of its existing learning program for their technicians to troubleshoot and repair ATM components. 

Any damage to the ATM components and their internal units during repairs meant a complete replacement of the internal units, which has a direct cost impact. 

Considering the cost implications, the re-designed learning program expectations were: 

  • Provide maximum opportunities for technicians to make mistakes and learn from them 
  • Enable virtual learners to explore and troubleshoot the components as they do in real life 
  • Give slow learners the opportunity to troubleshoot and repair as many times as they require 
ATM challenge


Virtual, ‘Practice-to-Perfect’ Approach 

  • 3D models of the ATM components were displayed 
  • Technicians had to select the appropriate tools and then disassemble & reassemble the components 
  • Feedback was provided for wrong actions 

Reinforcement and Performance Support 

  • Included the review feature that enabled technicians to review the steps after completing the practice 
  • Converted the review sections to videos for performance support 
atm 1


The 3D nature of the simulation allowed learners to become comfortable with the components and practice in a ‘safe’ virtual environment without real-world consequences. 

The review functionality and performance support videos enabled learners to internalize the steps of the procedures. 

Using navigation arrows enabled learners to explore and familiarize themselves with the components from all angles and sides by providing a 360-degree rotation view. 

The 3D view and the option of selecting appropriate tools made the training as close as possible to the learner’s real-life work situation. 

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