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Posted by Encora on May 24, 2023 8:58:12 AM
Encora’s approach drove significant improvements across the client’s eCommerce KPI dashboard.

Topics: HiTech, Product Engineering & Development, Quality Engineering, Product management, Cloud Services, Snowflake, DevSecOps, Data & Analytics

Industry Context

The client, catering to small and medium businesses, provides an HR platform that streamlines payroll, benefits, compliance, and other essential HR functions. As the Professional Employment Organizations (PEO) and Human Capital Management (HCM) market projects a CAGR of 8-10% through 2028, there's a noticeable shift towards complex, hybrid workforces. While data privacy remains a significant concern, there's a growing demand for intelligent solutions integrating advanced analytics and AI/ML.

HR Industry

Client Challenge

  • The decision-making process was constrained due to limitations in the current data pipeline, making real-time insights difficult to achieve.
  • The existing data infrastructure and application lacked the capability to scale efficiently, posing challenges in accommodating growing data requirements.
  • Notable vulnerabilities and quality issues were detected in the production environment, highlighting potential risks and inconsistencies in the system.
HR Challenge


  • Product Management, added capacity to maintain and fix issues with the platform data flows, freeing up client teams for other tasks.
  • Cloud Services, architected, designed, and implemented migration from Heroku to a modern, Kubernetes-based infrastructure with Infrastructure-as-Code.
  • Platform Modernization, initiated collaboration among several teams to transform legacy monolithic applications into scalable microservices.
  • Product Engineering & Development
  • provided a quick ramp-up of team members in new technologies and client stacks.
  •  DevOps, strongly focuses on reducing vulnerabilities, investigating issues, and proposing and implementing solutions.
  • Data Modernization & Engineering
    re-architected, re-designed, delivered MVP, and scaled the data pipeline on a modern data stack, enabling near real-time insights leveraging DataOps techniques.
  • Quality Engineering, design and implementation of quality engineering infrastructure and techniques increased stability, performance, and ease of use. It also added the capacity to automate functional and API tests.
HR Approach


  • Achieved quick engagement in two weeks and delivered MVP results in three months for data.
  • Transitioned to a modern data stack with data pipelines updating every 15 minutes, compared to inconsistent 5+ hour updates in the legacy pipeline.
  • Implemented quality engineering practices, leading to the creation of 1.2k tests and the launch of high-quality new features.
  • Reduced vulnerabilities from hundreds to zero in the main account with the help of the DevOps team.
  • Progressed in application modernization for enhanced scalability.
HR  Results
HR client metric -95%

Main data pipeline cycle time