Container Shipping Conglomerate

Posted by Encora on Aug 31, 2020 3:58:05 PM
Demands on the Logistics & Supply Chain industry have increased steadily over the last decade.

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Industry Context

Demands on the Logistics & Supply Chain industry have increased steadily over the last decade. Driven in large part by an increasingly-globalized economy, this increase in demand has also heightened competition among shipping companies. Economies of scale have been a source of advantage for larger players... but with scale, larger players have also experienced a wider range and more significant volume of exceptional issues that must be handled.


Client Challenge

Dubai Ports World (DPW) is one of the largest container shipping operators in the world.  The scale and complexity of their operational networks created a large and growing volume of incidents requiring resolution.  Internal incident-management processes were overly manual, and efficiency was eroding with scale.  Product development cycles were elongating and threatening to affect overall efficiency of the company.



Encora quickly architected, developed and deployed a new incident management platform, and replaced manual processes with automation to speed response times.



The new incident management system replaced manual processes for tracking and resolving issues across DPW’s operations network.  Automation was used to speed up code validation and verification, and to deliver releases more quickly.  These enhancements improved DPW’s  overall efficiency, partially through faster responses to unanticipated issues and partially through higher quality of code... leading to fewer post-release issues.

dubai ports case study graph 2 monthly releases

Monthly Releases

dubai ports case study graph 1 issue resolution time

Issue Resolution Time