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Adopting a comprehensive cloud strategy that incorporates monitoring and observability leads developers to gain valuable insights, enabling them to detect and resolve issues effectively, achieve high availability and scalability, and make data-driven decisions for system optimization. Monitoring involves measuring and presenting key metrics to track the application's state, allowing developers to detect resource usage, and errors, measure the impact of changes, and ensure system health during deployment. Furthermore, observability focuses on capturing detailed logs, exception tracking, and tracing to facilitate problem analysis.

Cloud Services Success Stories

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CS Sagent 2


Deliver product enhancements at the speed of market demands.


Establish a new environment for development and product hosting.






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CS HealthTech2


Overcome the inefficiencies of the slow patient management platform that impede real-time data and have the capability to schedule efficient care availability.


Relieve existing hardware load and guarantee sufficient bandwidth for seamless real-time transmission and large data sharing.



CPU Load ≈Utilization


Mobile App

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CS Cybersecurity 2


Avoid the introduction of unwelcome latency in data processing, given the client’s wide range of data integrations.


Migrate the core platforms into the public cloud.






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Thought Leadership for Monitoring & Observability

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Unleashing the Power of Azure Application ...

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