What is a Structured Partner?

Encora | December 08, 2021

Technology is constantly changing and rapidly evolving. It’s important for the success of an organization for its IT department to stay informed and abreast of new technologies and their real-world business applications. However, many organizations’ IT departments are so busy or even bogged down with the day-to-day running of their organization's IT demands that they can’t keep up with current technological innovations. This can lead to senior managers not knowing what the new technology is and how it can apply to their organization. 

One way to combat this issue is with a structured partnership with other teams of IT experts and software engineers. A structured partnership is when an organization partners with an IT team that focuses specifically on new technology and innovation. The organization’s IT team and their structured partners work together to overcome gaps in knowledge and find real-time solutions for the organization. 

How You Work Together

Working with a structured partner will strengthen an organization’s IT department. However, the organization’s IT department remains in control of the partnership with their IT partners and how they offer support. Generally, an IT team will ask their new IT partners to take a look at their projects so the partners can offer their fresh perspectives. This will allow the IT team to take advantage of the expertise their structured partners offer. There is also often a specific goal in mind that both parties understand as the intention behind the partnership. 

It’s important that the organization’s IT team and their new partners have a shared vision that includes the same goals and values. Mutual understanding is a must to making a structured partnership work. In addition, the in-house IT department needs to adopt a teachable attitude, so they can take full advantage of their partner’s expertise. 

Benefits of a Partner vs. In House

While there are many benefits to having an accomplished in-house IT staff, one of the benefits of using a structured partner is that an organization can hold off on the expense of hiring new personnel. A structured partnership can help an organization understand its staffing needs more clearly and allow them to hire in-house staff more judiciously. 

Here are some of the benefits of working with a structured partner.

  • Access to IT Experts

Whether an organization’s IT partners are nearshore or offshore, they will be able to offer valuable expertise and fill in skill and knowledge gaps for the in-house team. This additional knowledge and expertise will allow the in-house IT department to better reach its business goals. Working with IT partners allows an organization to choose from a wide range of skills sets that can then be used to further the success of the organization. 

  • Insights Into Projects

A good IT partner will be well versed in working with organizations like yours. This means that they will be skilled at helping their partners be successful and reach goals. There’s no need to worry about a good IT partner taking control over projects or excluding the in-house team from valuable information sharing. A skilled IT partner will be able to communicate well and clearly and will be supporting the success of the in-house IT department. 

  • Better User Experience

User experience (UX) is a top priority for any IT department and their organization in general. Given the level of market competition, any kind of bug in the UX, like a slow-loading webpage or a complicated check-out process can lead to an organization losing customers in a matter of seconds. Because an IT partner is dedicated to an organization’s success, they will prioritize supporting a seamless UX. 

  • Create More Time and Resources for the In-House Team

With the support an IT partner brings, an in-house IT team will be able to divert resources from day-to-day tasks and focus energy on more important strategic projects. 

  • Cost Savings

When hiring an IT partner, you are paying for the services you need. This allows an organization to receive the IT support they need without the additional costs of hiring more employees and the hardware and software they require. 

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