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eCommerce is a growing field in retail sales, offering customers convenience at every step. Selling goods and services online creates opportunities for businesses, great and small, giving consumers a wide variety of options.  While a relatively new area, eCommerce sales made up 16% of the retail industry in 2020 and reached 4.5 billion in sales in 2021. Almost every American has made an online purchase, and eCommerce usage rates are only expected to increase. According to the George Washington school of business:

  • Out of Americans ages 50 and up, 67% make purchases from online retailers.
  • 40% of internet users make several online purchases per month.
  • And 20% of internet users use eCommerce weekly.
  • 54% of ecommerce sales are made by millennials.
  • 33-40% of Americans ages 18-34 say they would, ideally, buy everything online.

These statistics underline a commonly held belief—eCommerce is the future, and it’s imperative for businesses to embrace this fact. Encora can help businesses, large and small, take advantage of the opportunities brought about by eCommerce, and ensure future success. 

Our Ecommerce Software Development Services

Encora supports businesses at every step on the path to successful eCommerce. 

  1. Software Engineering--Build an eCommerce platform from the ground up with Encora’s expert software engineers. And, for businesses in specialized industries, Encora’s deep talent pool ensures access to the skill sets each of its clients requires.

  2. UI/UX--In addition to their software engineering talent, Encora’s expertise in UX/UI includes re-engineering and migration, and UI optimization. Their customer-centered UX/UI systems evolve from a thorough Experience Design Strategy, ensuring a successful outcome from the beginning. Encora’s seamless user experience will drive engagement and market adoption.

  3. Mobile Experience--What good is eCommerce without mobile accessibility? Encora can design a mobile experience from scratch or has the expertise necessary to work with underlying legacy platforms. Encora works with its partners to conceive, develop and deliver innovative yet practical mobile solutions that improve the customer experience. Encora’s expertise in the latest mobile technologies allows them to increase their partner’s speed to market on any eCommerce project.

  4. Data Science and Analytics--Any successful eCommerce system relies heavily on effective data science and analytics. And truly effective analysis results from having a nuanced understanding of underlying data principles and expertise in the full range of modern statistical tools and methods. Encora’s data science and analytics skill drive growth for a business’s eCommerce strategy.

Clients and Testimonials

  1. Arnie Leap, CIO of 1800Flowers, says, “At 1800Flowers, we have built our business on delivering smiles. Our partnership with Encora has helped us deliver many more by innovating quickly and creating exceptional digital experiences for all our customers.”

  2. Nagaraju Bandaru, CTO of Mosaic, says, “We have found Encora to be very responsive to our needs. Encora consistently meets or exceeds our standards by providing us access to the best tech-leads and engineers.”

  3. Mark Milani, Global Head of Product & Engineering with BugCrowd, says, “Encora has been invaluable in helping us evolve our processes to accommodate our scaling needs without compromising the agility of a smaller team.”

  4. Mike Coen, CTO of TeleTracking, says, “At TeleTracking, we ensure that no patient waits for the care they need. Encora has been a great partner in helping us deliver on this promise. They have been there early on and not only provide the technical expertise we require, they deeply understand our domain. As we grow, we look for them to continue helping execute on our platform strategy.”

  5. Sunil Padiyar, CTO of Corcentric, says, “I’ve chosen Encora as my outsourced development partner multiple times. Upon arriving at Corcentric, Encora was one of my first calls. In addition to quality talent, I continue to be impressed by their governance and communication.”

Why Choose Encora for Ecommerce Software Development?

Encora is a multinational company with a global reach and a diverse skill and talent set that allows them to partner with every business, from a small start-up to an international Fortune 1000 corporation. With over 9,000 associates in more than 40 countries, Encora is uniquely situated to support businesses with their eCommerce software development. 

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is a rapidly growing field similar to eCommerce, except that it is fully automated. With Encora’s experience and skill in AI and automation, they are experts at helping businesses transition from eCommerce to total digital commerce. And in addition to the nuts and bolts of digital commerce, Encora can help with the less tangible but incredibly impactful aspects of digital commerce, such as UX/UI, data interrogation and analytics, and the capability to respond and deploy new features to each customer-facing point quickly and effectively. 

Encora has worked with 28 Fortune 1000 companies and is well-situated to help any business create or redesign its eCommerce software and systems. Reach out to Encora with any questions or to get started today!


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