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Encora has invested heavily in prompt engineering, developing capabilities that validate the effectiveness and efficiency impacts of Generative AI across the digital engineering software development lifecycle

We are working closely with Hyperscalers to deliver Generative AI impacts across value chains in industries we service including HiTech, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Travel, Hospitality & Logistics, Retail & CPG, Telecom & Media, Energy & Utilities, Automotive and others!

Encora is prepared to demonstrate the efficacy of Generative AI in client-specific value chains through the fine-tuning of Large Language Models (LLMs) based on nuanced client data models, making use of validated POCs for scale

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Encora's Generative AI Technology Practice is pushing the boundaries of Generative AI innovation, empowering client partners to outpace competition and accelerate their path to market leadership. Here's how we can help unleash your potential through Generative AI:

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Key Features and Benefits

Transforming Industries through Generative AI 

Encora's Generative AI capabilities offer a wide range of features and benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. By utilizing these advanced capabilities, you can:


Catalyzing Industry Transformation with Generative AI

Our Generative AI capabilities are being applied across a wide range of tech-enabled industries, including:

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