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UK Manufacturer of Intelligent Cash Handling Devices

Posted by Encora on Nov 6, 2023 9:28:12 PM
Advancements in Cloud applications, Data Science and UI/UX are highlighting the need of digitally-native companies to upgrade their Digital Commerce capabilities, from the presentation layer back through the application and data layers.

Topics: Product Engineering & Development, AI & Machine Learning, Cloud Services, Retail & CPG, Data & Analytics, Nearshore Europe

Industry Context

In an era dominated by digital transactions, the continued significance of cash, especially in the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector, is often underestimated. Despite the surge in digital payment methods, cash remains crucial, with 21% of people in the UK preferring it as their primary payment method and around US $40 trillion in circulation globally. The retail industry requires modern and secure cash-handling solutions.


Client Challenge

In the evolving retail industry, Volumatic recognized the importance of modern digital devices, but they faced significant internal obstacles. A primary challenge was the lack of in-house expertise in digital engineering, UX design, and cloud infrastructure. Compounding this issue was the difficulty in attracting skilled software engineers in Coventry, UK. Additionally, Volumatic realized the potential for growth if they could offer cash-handling devices enhanced with technologies like cloud computing, IoT, and APIs.



Addressing Volumatic’s challenges required a multifaceted approach, harnessing the power of end-to-end digital platform engineering and leveraging advanced technologies. Our strategy encompassed everything from initial ideation to the deployment and ongoing support of the solutions.

  • Consulting Services: This phase involved ideation, prototyping, software architecture design, and technical planning. We prioritized features, devised a quality strategy and quality management plan, and provided technology consulting.
  • Cloud-Native Development: We designed and developed a cloud-native device management platform that enhanced Volumatic’s cash-handling devices.
  • Product Development: We assisted in planning and executing a comprehensive digital product development strategy.
  • Data Integration and Security: With smart reporting features, we enabled efficient device management, ensuring data was collected, stored, and easily accessible.
  • Web and Mobile App Design and Development: We built new web and mobile experiences. 
  • Microservices Architecture and Domain-Driven Design: We defined and implemented a modern software architecture based on microservices and domain-driven design.
  • Cloud Security: We employed advanced cloud security measures to ensure that the apps were not just functional but also ‘impenetrable’.
  • Test Strategy and Planning: Quality strategy and testing were fully integrated into the agile delivery process.
  • QAaaS (Quality Assurance as a Service): We provided end-to-end quality management services, including strategy, planning, tooling, testing, process management, and reporting.


Key milestones included the launch of enhanced middleware and a cloud-native device management platform, as well as integrations with major third-party cash logistics platforms, all of which boosted operational efficiency and diversified offerings.

The new middleware represented the necessary foundation for the new Applications layer and created new business perspectives. While the middleware is not necessarily “visible” to the end user, it was critical for the development of essential, revenue-generating GUI that Retailers can use to manage Volumatic’s proprietary CCi equipment in stores around the world.

We helped develop a new IoT architecture and designed the whole Applications layer, significantly improving the user interface. Our consulting services covered tools, licensing, and cloud infrastructure. These efforts enabled Volumatic to offer smart, integrated solutions leveraging IoT, cloud, and mobile experiences, thus positioning them for further innovation and growth.

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Cloud connectivity and IoT enablement

Cloud Connectivity and IOT Enablement