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Posted by Encora on May 19, 2023 9:57:16 AM
Encora’s approach drove significant improvements across the client’s eCommerce KPI dashboard.

Topics: Product Engineering & Development, Digital Experience, Cloud Services, AWS, Telecom & Media

Industry Context

Social networks are websites and apps that allow users and organizations to connect, communicate, share information, and form relationships. People can connect with others in the same area, families, friends, and those with the same interests.

One of the most significant strategic changes in the industry has been the shift toward mobile devices. With the increasing adoption of smartphones, social networking platforms have focused on developing mobile-friendly interfaces and apps. This has resulted in a significant increase in mobile usage, with some platforms reporting that over 90% of their users access their platforms through mobile devices.

As the industry becomes more competitive, social networking platforms are continually introducing new features to attract and retain users. The client may need to adapt to these changes and ensure that their social media strategy aligns with the latest trends and user behavior.

TT Case Study

Client Challenge

  • Create a unified and safe digital platform to spotlight youth soccer talent to match coaches and scouts to players efficiently 
  • Build a customer-facing application with proven technology
  • Develop a scalable infrastructure to support future needs
  • Improve the existing iOS app with better quality and security
  • Create a completely new app with enhanced UI/UX and tech stack
TT Challenge


  • Cloud Services - developed a highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure on AWS and set up CI/CD pipelines for rapid deployments
  • Product Engineering & Development - created a one-of-a-kind mobile application that brought together coaches, players, and scouts on a digital platform using Agile methodology and two-week sprints 
  • Digital Experience - built on experience and expertise in developing mobile apps to craft a pixel-perfect UI for the app considering the age of the target audience.

TT Approach

Why AWS?

  • Following an Agile methodology and using 2-week sprints, developers from Encora designed and developed a highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure on AWS and set up CI/CD pipelines for rapid deployments.
  • The mobile app was supposed to receive traction and unpredictable load and hence the backend of the mobile app should be hosted on reliable, scalable, and highly available infrastructure.
  • AWS provides wide choices of computational resources like EC2 instances and RDS for storing transactional data in a secured way and hence became the obvious choice to set up backend infrastructure.
AWS Solution 02

AWS Solution

  • EC2 instances for running backend servers
  • API gateway for serving & securing APIs
  • RDS for transactional datastore
  • SQS for interservice communications. 
  • Route53 for domain management
  • Autoscaling groups to respond to on-demand scaling


AWS Solution 1111


  • 30% increase in install to sign -up conversion
  • Retention rate up by 6%
  • Quality of user engagement – shift from basic video upload to focusing on holistic skill improvement
  • Close to 10k users acquired in this quarter
  • Average DAU is 120, MAU is 4000, WAU is 1000 for the quarter
  • 4600 videos uploaded in this quarter 
  • 1570 unique users formed a network by following at least one person
TT  Results
TT metric +6%

Retention Rate