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Posted by Encora on Aug 31, 2020 3:09:55 PM
The increasingly-globalized economy is made possible by networks of Logistics & Supply Chain companies, interconnected around the world.

Topics: Product Engineering & Development, Cloud Services, DevSecOps, Travel, Hospitality & Logistics, Product Deployment & Support

Industry Context

The increasingly-globalized economy is made possible by networks of Logistics & Supply Chain companies, interconnected around the world. Goods are sourced in one geography, manufactured in another and then distributed to consumers, wholesalers and retailers across every geography.  The coordination and optimization of shipping capacity with shipping demands, in service of deadline delivery dates, creates a dizzying array of logistical considerations.  The speed, efficiency and visibility into these activities have become the competitive arena for Logistics & Supply Chain companies.


Client Challenge

Encora’s client is a leading Logistics and shipping company with a wide range of business units spanning its global operations. Special-handling “incidents” were creating a drag on operational efficiency, slowing response time to both incident resolution and also overall speed of delivery.  Unchecked, these inefficiencies could threaten the core of the company’s central value proposition.



Encora led a broad effort to improve operating efficiency through the application of leading-edge technological solutions across the client’s business.

  • Platform Modernization services established an automated and proactive monitoring system for notifications to capture realtime events, thereby ensuring High availability.
  • Product Support services supported the client’s Transport, Warehouse Management and Billing functions, replacing manual issue-handling with intelligent automation.
  • Product Engineering & Development services architected and delivered a mission critical customer communications gateway, providing realtime integrations between B2B customers and the client’s internal Warehouse Management and Transport Management systems.
  • DevOps and Continuous Engineering introduced new process rigors that increased quality and efficiency of ongoing product development.


The joint client-Encora team made significant improvements to efficiency by reducing monthly incidents (-12%) and introducing automation to replace many sources of manual intervention (-78%). These improvements had a material impact on defect rates (-30%) and post go-live issues (-45%).  In aggregate, the reduced volume of issues and improved processing speed amplified the company’s overall efficiency, a core source of competitive advantage.


Monthly Incidents


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