Mental Wellness Application

Posted by Encora on Dec 8, 2023 5:17:57 AM
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Industry Context

Meditation is gaining popularity as a means to alleviate stress and improve mental and physical health. Despite the increasing interest, the meditation market faces challenges in retaining users. One primary reason is the difficulty in adopting and maintaining a meditation routine. Current digital meditation solutions in the market are complex to learn and often come with solutions within the solution which leads to more confusion. Also, the absence of easily accessible and time-sensitive solutions hinders the widespread adoption of meditation practices. 

Industry context

Client Challenge

The client wanted to migrate the training program from a website to a mobile app format while ensuring retention by increasing user engagement and satisfaction. This transition called for a seamless shift from a web-based experience to a mobile platform while maintaining an intuitive interface that facilitates easy navigation and on-demand access to training modules. In the year following the app's launch, the primary business objective was to enhance customer acquisition and retention, highlighting the company's strategic goals for growth and success. 

Client Challenge- Mental Wellness Application


Addressing the client's challenges required a strategic approach that leveraged Encora’s Google Cloud Partnership:  

  • Product Management: Encora was a trusted advisor, offering guidance in product strategy, discovery, and delivery. 
  • Product Strategy and Ideation: The team received a skeletal design from the client, transformed it into features, and created a roadmap for development. The MVP was released in June 2023. The app was formally live in the App store in September 2023, with a complete revamp of the app's layout, content, and theme, ensuring the design met industry standards and aligned with the intended target market. 
  • Product Development: Our experts transformed the client's basic design into robust features and advocated for a hybrid app approach to save valuable development hours. The Proof of Concept (POC) for collecting customer feedback was successfully accepted, and the feedback feature was fully developed in the latest version of the app. Implemented the Push Notifications feature for inactivity, which helps re-engage inactive users and the Service Tracks feature for detailed user behavior insights. 
  • Web & Mobile App Design and Development: Encora revitalized the basic design of the mobile app to give it a retro, sporty look that appeals to millennials and Gen-Z, and seamlessly integrated these features into the website as well. We also implemented gamification components such as accomplishment streaks, displayed when the user trains consistently, and the power-up meter, which charges with consistent training. The app was tested for usability, and the design was improved to provide a seamless user experience. 
  • Application and Product Maintenance: The application has been meticulously maintained after a successful launch to ensure ongoing excellence. There have been zero app crashes since launch, and the app smoothly caters to multiple users without any performance lags. The team advocated the need for a hybrid app to accommodate the Android build for later release, thus saving development hours for the client. Additionally, the latest feature of the app incorporates the feedback feature, which was developed without third-party integration. As a result, users can provide valuable insights and enhance their experience with the application.

The adopted solution facilitated push notifications, automated scaling, reinforced security measures, built user confidence, and safeguarded sensitive information. Additionally, Google Cloud Functions provided a cost-effective, auto-scaling serverless architecture that reduced operational expenses and enabled the application to handle usage spikes. The seamless integration with Firebase also enhanced the overall development and management experience. 

Google cloud solution


Successfully launched the Mental Wellness application on the app store within the expected timelines and with the highest development quality. There have been no build issues or crashes since launch and the app has garnered positive reviews from users. 

The total number of app downloads increased to 114, daily active users increased to 15, and average session duration to 5 minutes. The conversion rate saw an impressive 61% upswing, and the user retention rate increased by 35%. 

The client and Encora have fostered a collaborative partnership enabling rapid innovation for promoting physical and mental well-being through science backed training programs. 

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

Retention Rate

Retention Rate