Manufacturer and Supplier of Contact Lenses

Posted by Encora on Jan 15, 2024 3:48:11 AM
The healthcare industry relies on real-time data to manage critical life and death situations in hospitals, balancing patient needs with care providers’ schedules and available hospital space.

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Industry Context

In the dynamic landscape of the contact lens industry, companies often face challenges related to software development, user experience, and efficient service delivery. Adopting agile methodologies, integrating advanced frameworks, and focusing on platform modernization are common strategies to address these challenges. Efforts to enhance eCommerce portals align with the industry trend of providing seamless and user-friendly online experiences. Standardizing testing processes reflects a commitment to quality assurance, ensuring that products meet established standards. 

Industry Context - Manufacturer and Supplier of Contact Lenses

Client Challenge

The client faced delays in overall software development delivery. The UI and workflows were not user-friendly. Additional challenges included non-intuitive UI, lack of timely notifications, poor performance, slow response times, and delays in incident resolution. As a result, the client needed an efficient B2B portal for contact lens sales with a seamless, user-friendly workflow for customer support services to assist clients efficiently. 

Client Challenge -Manufacturer and Supplier of Contact Lenses


Google cloud solution


By partnering on this initiative, the client realized a 30% increase in release velocity to production, enabling more frequent delivery of new capabilities. The number of monthly incidents was reduced by 10%, reflecting improved stability and resilience. Taking end-to-end responsibility facilitated elevated user experience through enhanced quality and reduced defects. Production flow also increased by 30% over previous levels. These quantifiable gains demonstrate the expertise and commitment delivered through this engagement, leading to faster releases, fewer errors, optimized operations, and, ultimately, better experiences and outcomes for end users. With improved productivity, resilience, accountability, and customer-centricity, this collaboration drove higher performance across critical dimensions – serving as a model for future partnerships focused on tangible impact. 

Results- Manufacturer and Supplier of Contact Lenses
Production flow

Production Flow

Monthly Incidents-1

Monthly Incidents