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Posted by Encora on Sep 8, 2023 6:25:35 AM
The healthcare industry relies on real-time data to manage critical life and death situations in hospitals, balancing patient needs with care providers’ schedules and available hospital space.

Topics: Product Engineering & Development, Quality Engineering, Cloud Services, DevSecOps, Automotive

Industry Context

With 5G technology promising better data speed, availability, scalability, and connectivity, the telecommunication industry is experiencing a profound shift.

Increasingly, there is a demand for advanced edge computing platforms to process data closer to the source and facilitate real-time applications. For telecommunication companies operating in the US and EU, modernizing the edge computing infrastructure is essential to harness the full potential of 5G. 

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Client Challenge

The client, a global software provider excels in delivering cutting-edge software solutions empowering intelligent systems with unmatched security, safety, and reliability. They needed to quickly modernize their edge computing platform to support 5G better.

However, migrating from VM-based to container-based network functions was challenging. There were skill and capacity gaps to develop a comprehensive solution on the client's end. The client was thus seeking a technology partner to create a carrier-grade solution with high availability, scalability, monitoring, and alarms. 

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  • Product Engineering and Development Services to quickly assemble a highly specialized team of 67 engineers in seven months, enabling an accelerated time-to-market.  
  • Cloud Enablement Services to develop a private cloud platform to meet the client's business needs.  
  • Platform Modernization Services for successfully migrating from VM-based to container-based infrastructure with support for carrier-grade workloads.  
  • DevSecOps services to establish a robust CI pipeline focused on enabling continuous verification to ensure reliability and security.   
  • Quality Engineering Services for system and regression tests to ensure backward compatibility.
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Encora self-managed the teams and significantly augmented the capacity and time-to-market. We accelerated the adoption of the next-gen edge-computing platform by providing a paved migration path to existing clients, ensuring a smooth transition to the new technology.  

We also delivered incremental versions of the platform on schedule and budget with minimal input from the client and optimized operational efficiency.

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