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Posted by Encora on Dec 19, 2023 5:11:00 AM
Encora’s EDC methodology quickly enhanced low-efficiency legacy product engineering processes, increasing throughput and simultaneously reducing the time and effort required to do quality testing.

Topics: HiTech, Product Engineering & Development, Digital Experience, Test Automation, Quality Engineering, Cloud Services, DevSecOps, CI/CD

Industry Context

In the dynamic landscape of global information services, most businesses struggle with performance measurement and the ongoing challenge of staying ahead in a competitive market by increasing their market share and revenue. Increasingly, players in the space are looking at facilitating shopper-centric decisions, promoting product innovations and assortment, and streamlining data amplification through efficient system sharing. The market is projected to reach USD 203.8 billion by 2028, with a 7.5% CAGR.

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Client Challenge

A global information services company, providing the most complete and trusted view of consumer behavior and delivering data-driven market insights across 90 countries worldwide, faced challenges due to the unpredictable deliverables of their flagship products. This made it difficult to plan and create a comprehensive timeline for delivery and keep pace with evolving market expectations. The product's upgrading and quality assurance issues resulted in client complaints. Production performance issues affected the customer experience and impacted the company’s promise to deliver consistent quality. Further, the urgency to quickly onboard 50+ niche-skilled engineers added complexity to the operational landscape. 

Over the last two years, the client has collaborated with Encora to leverage our product engineering and data services to address legacy challenges, enhance customer satisfaction, and accelerate the competitive advantage required to innovate and grow. 

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Encora’s strategy encompassed everything from initial ideation to deployment and ongoing support. 

  • Product Development refactored old code and delivered new features, enhancing the core functionalities of their flagship product, Discover. 
  • Data Analytics, Visualization, and BI  were enabled via the client's Discover product, an intuitive, integrated tool for organizational data. 
  • Web & Mobile App Design & Development augmented UI re-engineering efforts by delivering a digital commercial website and building a web portal for attributes menu.​ 
  • Test Strategy and Planning improved the code quality, product quality, and speed of all development throughout the process, ensuring predictable deliveries. 
  • Application and Product Maintenance were involved in high-functioning application integration and level-3 support across backend and frontend services. 
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The company has seen a 30% increase in unit test coverage, resulting in a stronger operational structure. They have also achieved reliable and predictable release cycles and ensured the consistent delivery of quality outcomes by improving products overall. Additionally, advanced quality assurance techniques and automation have achieved a 95% reduction in defect slippage. Thus, collaboration with Encora has consistently improved team velocity, transformed operations and customer service, and enhanced customer satisfaction by driving innovation. 

Unit Test Coverage

Unit Test Coverage


Reduction in Defect Slippage