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Posted by Encora on May 19, 2023 9:52:18 AM
Encora’s approach drove significant improvements across the client’s eCommerce KPI dashboard.

Topics: HiTech, Product Engineering & Development, Cloud Services, AWS

Industry Context

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are widely used across many industries to streamline product development processes, reduce costs, and improve collaboration.

PLM solutions enable companies to bring products to market faster and more efficiently while maintaining quality and compliance with industry regulations.

CS Industry

Client Challenge

  • Migration of their existing system to the cloud
  • Time-consuming, error-prone, and high-cost manual deployment
  • Heavy infrastructure requirements
  • Delays in customer onboarding
  • To offer SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) clients a low-cost and scalable PLM solution
CS Challenge


  • Cloud Services - leveraged AWS services such as EFS and Data Pipeline to achieve cluster setup. All containers are managed effectively using Rancher as the orchestration engine
  • Platform Modernization - migrated from a monolithic architecture to microservices through containerization. Migrated their system to AWS for cost-effective cloud provisioning for SMB customers
  • Product Engineering & Development - built a SAAS solution to provide their PLM solution and related services like image processing and PDF printing service over the cloud

Cloud Native

Why AWS?

  • Amazon provides reliable and highly available computational resources, such as EC2, RDS, and Application load balancers, which were the customers' major requirements for application deployment. The need for these resources necessitated their instantaneous creation
  • A large number of Amazon APIs can be executed via Terraform to provision new infrastructure on demand
  • Amazon has the capability and reliability to deliver these resources through code in no time and in a manner that provides scale, security, and robustness as required
AWS Solution 02

AWS Solution

  • EC2 instances for hosting containerized workloads
  • ECR to host docker images
  • RDS to provide managed RDBMS
  • ALBs for routing traffic between instances
  • Route53 for DNS resolutions
  • SQS for interservice communications


AWS Solution 1111


  • Decreased customer onboarding time from 2-3 weeks to 50 minutes
  • Improved platform performance 
  • Increased reliability, security, and scalability 
  • Significant improvements in end-user experience
  • Quicker feature releases
  • Single-click deployment using the SaaS web app on AWS
  • Single-click deployment using Rancher APIs 
CS  Results
CS Metric -99%.

Customer Onboarding Time