Seven Non-Profit Organizations Benefit from Encora's Global Employee Volunteerism

December 5, 2022

Employees Take Part in Virtual Events throughout the Year to Promote Sustainability and Give Back to Disadvantaged and Disabled Communities across the World 


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., December 05, 2022 Encora, a global next-gen product engineering provider, today shared the impact of its virtual volunteer programs and its commitment to give back to the communities it’s a part of through direct employee contributions. Highlights include Encora’s first-ever Global Volunteer Week, which took place September 19 – 23, 2022, and three events supporting Hurricane Ian relief. Employees from across Encora’s facilities worldwide volunteered their time to impact the lives of people in need.  

“Encora has facilities and people throughout the world and being able to make a positive impact on the lives of those within our global communities is critical to all Encorians,” said Venu Raghavan, President and CEO, Encora. “We created these volunteerism campaigns in order to come together as a company and find ways to collectively impact those in need. I am proud of those that participated, and the lives impacted by our work.”   

 For its Global Volunteer Week, Encora partnered with Goodera, the world's largest virtual volunteering company, to carry out activities, which consisted of eight virtual events where volunteers developed different forms of content designed to promote sustainability and help disadvantaged and disabled communities. The events held during the week included: 

  • Upcycling workshop to promote sustainable fashion 
  • Development of flashcards on educational topics for children from disadvantaged communities 
  • Learning sign language to record messages of love and hope for beneficiaries with hearing impairments 
  • Recorded audiobooks to make learning materials more accessible for the visually impaired 
  • Recorded audiobooks to comfort children facing mental health challenges 

Each event benefited a nonprofit selected by Encora and Goodera. The list of nonprofits includes Anthill Creations, Helping Hands for the Deaf, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, Sarathak Educational Trust, Tender Grassroots and Washburn Centre for Children. 

‘’We are eternally grateful to the volunteers who took thetime to record interesting and emotionally pleasing stories for our children with visual impairment,” – Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled. “We thank you for your support, which will empower them and boost their confidence so they may stand tall fearlessly wherever they go.’’  

In addition, Encora hosted three virtual events to help support relief for those affected by Hurricane Ian. Volunteers created guidebooks on resettlement for communities affected by the Hurricane. The guidebooks help participants readjust and work towards well-being after experiencing such a traumatic event. The events impacted more than 30 beneficiaries including the non-profit Taller Salud.  

‘’We greatly appreciate everyone for thinking about us in this difficult time and creating these guidebooks for those who were affected. Thank you for volunteering!’’ –Taller Salud  

Encora developed a video to highlight its Global Volunteer Week events here. For more information on Encora’s commitment to its communities and global volunteer efforts, visit 

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