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Technology in healthcare (HealthTech) is revolutionizing the industry. HealthTech touches all aspects of medicine, including hospital administration, how medicines are developed and tested, and how patients are organized and treated. Healthcare is a billion-dollar industry facing many challenges, and companies are actively looking for ways to improve every facet of their companies. Healthcare companies want to improve quality and efficiency, qualities that impact patient care and costs. HealthTech is paving the way to more efficient and effective systems, from ordering supplies to tracking patient treatments and developing new life-saving medicines. There is a massive opportunity in this field to transform and improve processes and help doctors save lives. With over 20 years in the HealthTech industry, Encora is helping pave the way to better healthcare for everyone. 

Our Healthcare Software Services

Encora offers a wide range of healthcare software development services characterized by both speed and dependability. Healthcare industry professionals know how critical well-designed and consistently functional software is for patient care and administration. Companies that partner with Encora for their software development needs gain reliable, full-cycle healthcare software development services. 

1. Software Product Development for Healthcare

Encora creates compliant software products with exceptional UX/UI. Companies can take advantage of their software development expertise to develop healthcare software products that effectively communicate their brand to consumers while integrating functional EHR/EMR and healthcare data management solutions. Gain a competitive advantage, not just through effective visual branding, but with a highly functional and secure product that offers a better patient and member experience.

2. Custom Designed Healthcare Software Development

Encora’s teams of custom healthcare software engineers create reliable, compliant software with innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. Encora works with healthcare companies existing infrastructure and designs architecture that can be easily integrated into their IT ecosystem. Encora is skilled at incorporating business analysis of organizational workflows and feature list planning into its software development plan. This assists healthcare companies in becoming more effective and efficient. 

3. Evolution of Existing Healthcare Products or Software

Sometimes what a company needs isn’t a new software program or product, but a revamp of existing systems. Encora can help healthcare companies evolve their existing software to be more effective and user-friendly while retaining or increasing security and compliance. This process thoroughly evaluates a company’s current software, future needs, and workflows. Using this information, Encora plans the software evolution in a comprehensive, step-by-step fashion, ensuring the transition goes smoothly. Software evolution generally includes designing and implementing new security measures, HIPPA cloud migration, adding new functionalities, and integrating new customization capabilities. 

Encora works specifically with these healthcare industries:

Healthcare Software Product Companies and Healthcare Organizations

  • Administrative Software
  • Patient Care Software
  • Imaging and Laboratory Software
  • Patient Facing Software

Manufacturers of Medical Devices

  • Software As a Medical Device (SaMD)
  • Software for Medical Devices
  • User Software

 Drug and Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Management Software
  • End-Customer Software

Clients and Testimonials

Encora is proud to work with TeleTracking, a world-class healthcare technology company. TeleTracking offers technological solutions for patient flow and tracking at hospitals and other healthcare centers, ensuring that every patient has the care they need when needed. 

Mike Coen, CTO of TeleTracking, says, “At TeleTracking, we ensure that no patient waits for the care they need. Encora has been a great partner in helping us deliver on this promise. They have been there early on and not only provide the technical expertise we require, they deeply understand our domain. As we grow, we look for them to continue helping execute on our platform strategy.”

Why Choose Encora for Healthcare Software Development?

When it comes to healthcare software development solutions, working with a partner that understands the healthcare industry is critical. With over 9,000 associates in more than 40 offices across the world, Encora is uniquely situated to support healthcare companies with their HealthTech needs. They apply their honed, tried, and tested proprietary agile engineering capabilities to the many challenges facing healthcare technology and provide real-time solutions with elegance of use and superior security. Healthcare companies face unique pressures and challenges and require the best for their HealthTech solutions. Encora is leading the charge to create better results through quality patient care, superior administrative systems, and supporting medical research and technology. 


All areas of HealthTech require innovative software and product development solutions. Encora offers companies of all sizes deep cluster vertical capabilities in HealthTech, including software and product development or evolving existing products and systems. Encora has over 20 years of domain expertise with HealthTech and is a trusted partner to billion-dollar healthcare companies like U.S. company Change Healthcare. Reach out to Encora with any questions or to partner with them today!

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