Interactive 3D Solutions: Practice Perfect Approach

Ronald Hernández | December 09, 2020

Interactive 3D experiences are an innovative way to resolve a variety of learning challenges in the workplace. This technology is gaining traction across a wide range of use cases within workplace learning. The expansion of 3D solutions arises from its unique strength in providing safe, engaging, cost-effective and consequence-free environments for learners to master critical job skills.

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What is Interactive 3D?

Interactive 3D is the simulation of the real and imagined worlds through digital technology. It enables users to physically manipulate a simulated environment or object just as they would in the real world without fear of making mistakes. While 3D technology is commonly associated with video games and Imax 3D films, its uses are today expanding far beyond 3D entertainment.

Interactive 3D Learning

Many companies are using 3D technology to simulate hands-on practice for employees. In a simulated environment, tasks can be repeated without fear of mistakes until the user has mastered the task. The idea is that then, when faced with the same task in real life, the person will be prepared to react with confidence and experience. Benefits to the business are manifold: shorter learning curve, fewer errors, higher quality, and enhanced customer experience. According to Leftronic, 45% of people in high-consequence industries have come to consider 3D-based learning experiences as an indispensable learning tool. And according to Deloitte, 3D technology’s effectiveness “reduces the time taken to learn, decreases the number of trainee errors, increases the amount learned, and helps learners retain knowledge longer than traditional methods.” As this technology becomes more broadly available, it opens the door to widespread utilization and transformation of adult learning and training.

Real-World Examples

Encora worked with a well-known logistics client to create an interactive 3D-based learning program for their drivers responsible for package delivery. The program aimed to teach the drivers to identify risks while driving. The program included a simulated 3D environment of a driver’s route through a city, allowing trainee drivers to navigate difficult driving situations within a safe environment. By providing trainees with the practice of life-like scenarios in an immersive 3D environment, the quality of driver preparedness was improved. When confronted with actual situations on the road, practiced drivers will have better reaction times and more reliable decision-making reflexes, improving safety for themselves and others.

In another instance, Encora created interactive 3D models of ATM machine parts to help train customer engineers to service ATM machines in the field. Every minute an ATM machine is out of service, the business is losing possible transactions and their associated revenues. Repairs must be done quickly. With the help of Interactive 3D training, the customer engineers are able to practice complex troubleshooting procedures until they have mastered it. By making customer engineers more efficient, this solution reduces ATM downtime and maximizes utility for customers as well as the business.

Encora also worked with a leading energy and utility company to train technicians to assess storm damage. The client requested to replace its existing field training on storm damage assessment with virtual training for ‘’on-demand’’ access to optimize recurring training costs. Instead of building an on-field simulated exercise to identify and assess a post-storm environment, the company opted for a more cost-effective solution powered by 3D technology. Encora’s teams built interactive 3D learning environments that simulated different scenarios to prepare technicians for a broad range of experiences that they will encounter in the field.

Return on Experience

As companies prepare to compete in an increasingly global and virtualized economy, in-person training is becoming more challenging.

Interactive 3D-based solutions have the potential to significantly reduce training costs, while broadening the range and quality of learning experiences. It provides pragmatic and effective learning tools across a variety of industries. Manufacturing and product companies, healthcare, airplane pilots and many other job tasks use 3D simulations to prepare for high-risk situations. 3D is also utilized in AR/VR to build simulated environments by capturing space and depth in a manner similar to the way human eyes do.

By virtualizing training experiences via 3D technologies, companies can eliminate many of the costs associated with the operation of training centers, as well as travel to and from these centers. Interactive 3D training programs also broaden the scope of training experiences, providing an unlimited range of scenarios and opportunities for practice. The result is highly-trained, expert teams who exhibit fewer errors and greater efficiency in the field.

Key takeaways

  • Interactive 3D Solutions are becoming more popular and this technology is being used to train employees. 
  • Interactive 3D Solutions provide safe environments where individuals can master skills from mistakes, consequence-free. They also provide iterative opportunities for practice, with the belief that practice makes perfect. 
  • Interactive 3D Solutions make mistakes in the real world less likely as users are more prepared due to practice in the virtual environment. 
  • Interactive 3D Solutions provide ample ROE and ROI for international companies.


Interactive 3D solutions are becoming a more and more prevalent way to provide job training. The ‘practice makes perfect’ approach of 3D enables teams to learn more quickly, reducing risks and improving quality of performance.

Encora’s Interactive 3D solutions have contributed to the performance of a wide range of enterprises across the world. We have a highly-skilled team of professionals who excel in delivering customized 3D solutions to meet any client’s needs. Please let us know how we can help your business tap into the potential of Interactive 3D Solutions!

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