Expanding Patient Care with Telehealth and Virtual Care

As the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world, industries, and individuals needed to find new and innovative ways to go about business and their daily lives. The healthcare industry was no exception to this.

By adapting existing digital technology solutions, the healthcare industry was able to continue to provide care to patients through remote connections and comprehensive communication services (such as video calling and file sharing). With a combination of these existing solutions, healthcare professionals have been able to continue to connect with their patients, provide compassionate care, and improve health outcomes.

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Following are two purpose-built Telehealth and Virtual Care solutions:

Telehealth Application

Telehealth applications are approaches to patient engagement, used for many basic tasks such as remote consultations, scheduling and managing patient appointments, maintaining records, providing new prescriptions and updating old ones, processing digital payments, and more. The applications can be accessed by patients and caregivers via mobile devices, for access to basic care without leaving home.

Enterprise Virtual Care Platform

The enterprise Virtual Care platform is a telemedicine solution enabling patient data storage and sharing, remote monitoring, and patient interactions. These platforms offer video conferencing and doctor/clinician consultations for remote medical evaluations, diagnosis, and monitoring, as well as patient referrals to other specialists.

An approach that offers a wide array of services for medical care, this platform can be accessed via a computer, smart TV, or mobile device. Due to the nature of the Virtual Care platform’s service offering, continuous internet access may be required.

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