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Modernizing Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems face the challenge to modernize their platforms to meet the demands of mass digitization and personalization of care.

· What are the trends of EHR for the future?
· How can EHR expand their footprint?

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Connected Care is the Future

Connected care is the promise of establishing a real-time, digital communication between a patient and a provider to improve access and avoid costly health care services.

What are the benefits of Connected Care?
What are the challenges of Remote Patient Care?

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Engaging Patients and Providers

The increased adoption of technology and digitalization in the healthcare industry plays a vital role in the enhancement of patient-provider communication and patient engagement.

· What technologies are driving healthcare to a new level of patient interaction and engagement?

· What are the challenges and benefits of digital transformation in healthcare?

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You will discover:

· How to take EHR systems into the next big health technology break through.
· How to engage with patients and health providers alike
· How Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing healthcare for the better.
· The Impact of IoMT in healthcare.
· How Connected Care is evolving the way we provide healthcare.

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What’s the future of Healthcare?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many patients to take their healthcare journey
online and pushed providers to seek new ways to diagnose and treat patients―proving that HealthTech holds the key to a more efficient, post-pandemic healthcare system.
Encora can help you analyze your organization’s unique challenges and discover a road map
to success with our digital product innovation services.

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