Smart Commerce: Transforming DevOps with Automated CI/CD Practices

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Smart Commerce:

Smart Commerce:

Transforming DevOps with Automated CI/CD Practices

Industry: Retail & CPG

Delivery Center: CSA

AWS-powered DevOps Transformation-Industry Context

Industry Context

With the evolving technology landscape, organizations are prioritizing agility and efficiency in their development and deployment processes. Modernization efforts can not only reduce dependencies on traditional operational teams but also empower developers with greater autonomy and control over their workflows. Organizations are seeking tech solutions to streamline the deployment processes, shorten build times, and ensure more responsive development cycles. Moreover, prioritizing security and efficiency remains paramount to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance.

AWS-powered DevOps Transformation-Client Challenge

Client Challenge

Our client, Smart Commerce, is a technology and data platform established in 2016, specializing in converting brands' marketing touchpoints into immediate e-commerce opportunities through real-time data and analytics. The client faced challenges with legacy systems and outdated deployment practices, specifically the use of Ansistrano - an Ansible adaptation of Capistrano - with suboptimal continuous integration (CI) practices. The apprehension towards modernizing their CI/CD pipeline and the overall DevOps approach posed significant challenges in meeting the evolving demands of digital marketing and e-commerce. Furthermore, the initial reliance on a single AWS account limited operational flexibility and governance, necessitating a transformation to foster innovation, efficiency, and scalability.


Encora embarked on a comprehensive DevOps transformation for Smart Commerce, focusing on modernizing their CI/CD practices, enhancing security and quality checks, and restructuring their AWS account management for improved governance and developer autonomy. 

  • Cloud-Native Development: Introduced AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy orchestrated by AWS CodePipeline to revitalize Smart Commerce's CI/CD processes. This modernization facilitated faster, more reliable builds and deployments, enabling rapid iteration and delivery of features. 
  • DevSecOps Strategy & Planning: Resolved the challenge of a single repository dependency by creating an automated compatibility check for subprojects, ensuring that all builds must pass automated checks before deployment, thereby eliminating dependencies and streamlining the microservices architecture. 
  • DevSecOps Automation & Toolchain Optimization: Implemented SonarQube for additional quality and security checks to ensure that all code meet high standards before deployment, significantly reducing the risk of vulnerabilities. 
  • Agile Consulting: Developed a new branching strategy to align with customer requirements and development workflows, ensuring that code changes could be managed more effectively across teams. 
  • Cloud Architecture & Engineering: Transitioned Smart Commerce from a single AWS account to a multi-account architecture, including Research & Development, Sandbox, and Production environments. This restructuring allowed for better resource governance, role-based access control (RBAC), and operational security. 
  • Cloud Migration: Enabled cross-region deployments in the US and Europe to accommodate Smart Commerce's geographically dispersed development team, improving collaboration and deployment efficiency. 
  • Release Management: Optimized the database release process through the introduction of automated blue/green deployments for Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), enhancing reliability and minimizing downtime during updates. 
  • Cloud-Native Development: Migrated to a containerized approach, breaking down the initial monolith and leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) with AWS Fargate, including automated Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) security scans for images before pushing to production, marking a significant step towards agility and scalability. 

AWS Services

Amazon Elastic
Compute Cloud (EC2)

Elastic Load
Balancing (ELB)

Amazon Simple
Storage Service (S3)

AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodePipeline

AWS Systems Manager
Parameter Store

Amazon Elastic
Container Service (ECS)

AWS Fargate

Amazon Relational
Database Service (RDS)

Amazon Elastic
Container Registry (ECR)


Encora's strategic partnership with Smart Commerce and the use of AWS services catapulted Smart Commerce's DevOps practices into the future, laying a robust foundation for continuous innovation, enhanced security, and operational excellence in the fast-paced world of digital marketing and e-commerce. Some of the remarkable outcomes include: 

  • Enhanced developer autonomy with modernization of CI/CD practices and the adoption of AWS services which led to reduction in dependency on the operations team for deployment activities, granting developers greater autonomy and control over their workflows. 
  • Reduced build times with implementation of AWS CodeBuild alongside a revamped CI/CD pipeline which drastically accelerated the development cycle and enabled more efficient feedback loops for the product team.
  • Streamlined deployment processes with the adoption of a modern CI/CD pipeline and the implementation of cross-region deployments facilitating smoother, more efficient release processes across geographically diverse teams.
  • Increased operational security and efficiency with the move to a multi-account AWS structure which improved governance, security, and operational efficiency. 

Build Time

Build Time

Deployment time

Deployment Time