Nearsoft Is Now Encora

Together We Offer Innovative Software Solutions

You're in the right place! As Encora Inc. grows its presence in Latin America, the acquisition of Nearsoft offers our clients a unique chance to Nearshore on a global scale.

Encora Mexico, team building Cancun 2021

Same Robust Recruiting Process

With the same robust screening process, Encora Mexico offer SaaS companies team augmentation with talented software engineers in Mexico, and now many more locations around the globe . Our client list has now reached global levels, but our services and quality have not changed.


Your Dev Team to a Global Level

A Unique Work Culture Remains

Our team of engineers now spans the whole globe, giving as an opportunity to grow your development team in Mexico or any other geographical zone that works for your business. Our engagement process allows us to create a local nearshore presence with a global reach. Encorian Culture remains the pivotal focus of our unique way of engaging with software development companies. For our software engineers yes means yes, and no means no. Our tradition of transparency and ownership remains unfazed, as is our commitment to accelerate your time to market by adapting to your business needs.
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Useful Resources

Our blog has now turned into an expert engineering hub called Insights offering you a chance to share the wealth of knowledge our global community creates.

To learn more about job opportunities we have created Encora Jobs, a portal with the potential to grow your professional career and join our community.