What is Postman API Test

Postman is an application used for API testing. It is an HTTP client that tests HTTP requests, utilizing a graphical user interface, through which we obtain different types of responses that need to be subsequently validated. 


Postman offers many endpoint interaction methods. The following are some of the most used, including their functions:

  • GET: Obtain information 
  • POST: Add information
  • PUT: Replace information
  • PATCH: Update certain information
  • DELETE: Delete information

Response Codes

When testing APIs with Postman, we usually obtain different response codes. Some of the most common include:

  • 100 Series > Temporal responses, for example, ‘102 Processing’.
  • 200 Series > Responses where the client accepts the request and the server processes it successfully, for instance, ‘200 Ok’.
  • 300 Series  > Responses related to URL redirection, for example, ‘301 Moved Permanently.’
  • 400 Series  > Client error responses, for instance, ‘400 Bad Request’.
  • 500 Series > Server error responses, for example, ‘500 Internal Server Error.’


Postman gives the possibility to group different requests. This feature is known as ‘collections’ and helps organize tests. 

These collections are folders where requests are stored and can be structured in whichever way the team prefers. It is also possible to export-import them. 



Postman also allows us to create different environments through the generation/use of variables; for example, a URL variable that is aimed towards different test environments (dev-QA), enabling us to execute tests in different environments using existing requests. 


Postman Tester - Final Thoughts

This has been a quick summary of the methods and API test errors when using Postman and a quick view of its advantages when executing these kinds of tests. The latter include collections and the creation of environments through a user-friendly graphical interface. Using Postman can help optimize testing times, especially when working with Agile methodologies.

Key Takeaways

  • Postman is an application that allows us to test APIs utilizing a graphical user interface. 
  • Some of Postman’s advantages include the collection feature and the possibility to create different testing environments. 
  • Postman is a user-friendly tool that helps us optimize our time when executing tests.

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