Complete Guide to Codeless Automated Testing

Codeless platforms relieve the time-intensive burden of writing code to automate tests. Codeless automated testing has emerged as an excellent way to enhance testing protocols and streamline repetitive manual processes. However, many companies have yet to adopt this innovative technology practice. This guide focuses on codeless test automation, how it works, when to use it, and how to choose the right solution for your business. 

What is codeless automated testing?

Codeless automated testing is a process for developing software test scripts without writing code. Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) empower professionals to create and manage the testing procedure accurately and efficiently. Codeless test automation enables professionals to automate test scripts even if they do not know programming or coding. It also benefits those proficient in code programming because it saves time and streamlines the evaluation process. 

Codeless automated testing differs from low-code and code-based testing automation in crucial ways. While the term no-code may occasionally arise, it is synonymous with codeless. Low-code tools allow programmers to insert code into the text, perform complex manipulations on visual modules, and perform specific or difficult tasks. 

Code-based testing includes manual test scenarios, allows scripts to be created in Java, necessitates strong coding skills, and requires about six hours of work per test. In contrast, codeless automated testing includes codeless user interface (UI) tools, allows for exploratory test scenarios, and requires about one hour per test. 

How does codeless automated testing work?

Codeless automated testing is intended to simplify the execution, maintenance, and integration of test scripts through a simple UI. Testers do not need to know how to code to initiate test automation. Instead, they leverage tools presented via a simple UI to develop effective test scripts. 

Generally speaking, there are two approaches to test automation. 

Record, Edit, and Execute 

In this approach, the tester manually performs the script's actions, and the automation tool records the sequence of events. AI and ML features develop the test script, which the tester can modify and edit as needed. Once the script is complete, it can be saved for future execution. 

Diagram to Script

Testers arrange structured test blocks in this process to create a test flow diagram. AL and ML generate a script based on the actions and sequence outlined in the diagram. Once the script is complete, it can be saved for future deployment. 

Codeless automated testing can either occur on-premise or through the cloud. On-site codeless testing is a more traditional approach, however, it requires substantial infrastructure and in-house support. In contrast, cloud-based codeless automation is inherently more flexible, allowing users and companies to fulfill scalability, speed, and security objectives. 

Which tests work best with codeless automated testing?

When looking to implement codeless automated testing, it is essential to remember that automated testing cannot eliminate all forms of manual testing. There will always exist software tests that require human intelligence and attention. This includes tests that rely upon third parties or require complex setups. However, many tests can and should be codeless and automated. Tests that fall into this category are the manual tests that are difficult to implement and the manual tests that require substantial in-house skills. Often, companies will end up with a combination of code and codeless tests that need to collaborate. In these instances, the most effective approach is to separate the codeless tests from the code, apply the codeless test, and then return to the code sequence. 

Choosing the Best Codeless Test Automation Solution

Choosing the best codeless test automation solution is crucial as there are many details and complexities to consider. It is necessary to understand the testing landscape, identify any potential challenges, and review the technology in the ecosystem to select a codeless test automation solution that fulfills your unique business requirements. Furthermore, codeless test automation is rapidly evolving, and it is vital to invest in a solution that is future-oriented to drive business growth. 

Fast-growing tech companies partner with Encora to outsource product development and drive growth. We are deeply expert in the various disciplines, tools, and technologies that power the emerging economy, and this is one of the primary reasons that clients choose Encora over the many strategic alternatives that they have. 

Our codeless testing automation tool, AutomationNG© is an advanced platform that significantly reduces the effort to build and maintain test cases, accelerating the ROI. The key features include English-like scripting, reusable scripts, automatic recording, the ability to deploy in any private or public cloud, multi-browser support, continuous integration, concurrent execution, and more. AutomationNG© is a robust test automation platform that is also simple to use and implement.

Contact us to learn more about codeless automated testing and our advanced software engineering capabilities.

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